Stats and Scores: Looking Back on Yelm Football’s Regular Season


The Tornados have completed their 2022 regular season, which consisted of nine total games and seven South Sound Conference matchups. As the Tornados begin a potential journey to the championship, we look back on their regular season.


Week One: Yelm (44) vs. Camas (14)

Week Two: Yelm (46) at Union (6)

Week Three: Yelm (58) vs. Central Kitsap (0)

Week Four: Yelm (68) at River Ridge (7)

Week Five: Yelm (63) vs. North Thurston (0)

Week Six: Yelm (71) vs. Capital (0)

Week Seven: Yelm (56) vs. Timberline (14)

Week Eight: Yelm (58) at Peninsula (14)

Week Nine: Yelm (50) at Gig Harbor (14)

Team Statistics

The Tornados averaged 57.1 points per game throughout their nine regular season games and 60.6 points per game in South Sound Conference competition. Their defense and special teams unit allowed just 7.6 points per game throughout their nine game regular season and seven points in SSC matchups.

Offensively, Yelm totaled 4,033 yards through nine games, or 448.11 yards per game. Collectively, Yelm rushed for 2,390 yards (265.56 per game) and passed for 1,643 yards (182.56 per game). Their offensive line was dominant throughout the course of the season, allowing just one sack on the entire year, paving the way for seven different ball carriers to score rushing touchdowns.

The Tornados’ offense totaled 67 touchdowns during the regular season, with 45 rushing and 22 passing. On the flip side, their defense allowed just nine touchdowns, with six passing and three rushing touchdowns. Yelm’s defense also forced 16 turnovers throughout the season, while their offense turned the ball over just three times.

Yelm’s kickoff return unit scored twice on the season, with Kyler Ronquillo and William Carreto each collecting a score. Their punt return unit consistently set the Tornados’ offense up to score throughout the season, averaging 20.35 return yards per return (excluding fair catches).

Individual Stats

Yelm’s starters played three quarters per game on average.

Offensive Stats


Damian Aalona - nine games, 110/156 completed passes, 1,643 yards, 22 touchdowns, one interception, 70.51% completion and 182.56 pass yards per game.


Brayden Platt - seven games, 55 carries for 768 yards and 18 touchdowns, 13.9 yards per carry.

William Carreto - nine games, 45 carries for 551 yards and seven touchdowns, 12.24 yards per carry.

Anthony Kiamco - eight games, 24 carries for 318 yards and five touchdowns, 13.25 yards per carry.

Kyler Ronquillo - nine games, 30 carries for 293 yards and five touchdowns, 9.76 yards per carry.

Ray Wright - nine games, 27 carries for 244 yards and six touchdowns, 9.04 yards per carry.


K. Ronquillo - 41 catches for 547 yards and seven touchdowns, 13.34 yards per reception.

Marius Aalona - eight games, 21 receptions for 278 yards and three touchdowns, 13.24 yards per reception.

Aden Schaler - nine games, 17 receptions for 275 receiving yards and seven touchdowns, 16.18 yards per reception.

B. Platt - eight receptions for 159 yards and one touchdown, 22.71 yards per reception.

Trevontay Smith - eight receptions for 156 yards and four touchdowns, 19.5 yards per reception.

Defensive Stats


R. Wright - 77 tackles, 14 tackles for loss.

Isaiah Patterson - nine games, 71 tackles, 12 tackles for loss.

B. Platt - 40 tackles, three tackles for loss.

W. Carreto - 39 tackles, three tackles for loss.

Onyx Carter - nine games, 29 tackles, 12 tackles for loss.

K. Ronquillo - 26 tackles, one tackle for loss.

Landen Barger - 26 tackles, three tackles for loss.


O. Carter, I. Patterson: nine.

R. Wright: four.

L. Barger, W. Carreto: two


Pavaan Bankston - seven games, three interceptions, one touchdown.

R. Wright - three interceptions

T. Smith - one interception, one touchdown.

A. Schaler - one interception.

Jordan Lasher - three games, one interception.