State has safe portal for people to donate to Maui wildfire relief


The Washington Office of Secretary of State has a secure portal so all  Washington residents can donate to Maui relief efforts.

The Disaster Relief Center, a special project of the Secretary of State’s Combined Fund Drive charity fundraising program, provides links for one-time donations by credit cards or, for state and other public employees, payroll or retirement deductions to benefit each donor’s choice of verified relief organizations aiding Maui residents, first responders, healthcare efforts and more, according to a press release.

More than 110 people have been killed and hundreds more are missing because of the August wildfires across Maui, which demolished the historic town of Lahaina and destroyed more than 2,000 homes, businesses and other buildings.

The Disaster Relief Center website, accessible via, aids crisis-relief charities during periods of natural or humanitarian disasters that exceed a region’s capacity to provide help. The website has previously been used to donate to organizations that work with the victims of mass shootings and international aid groups responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the press release.