Sirens: Vehicle Prowl Reported at Longshot Shooting Range; Yelm Public Works Reports Stolen Catalytic Converter; Elderly Woman Wires Fraudsters $2,500 in Apple Gift Cards; Burien Woman Arrested on Shoplifting Charges, Pushing Walmart Employee


Vehicle Prowl Reported April 4 at Longshot Shooting Range

A storage trailer at Long Shot Indoor Range was reportedly broken into the night of Sunday, April 4, though no items were reportedly stolen. 

The incident left the business owners with $500 in damages to the trailer, according to police reports. 

A suspicious gold and brown Nissan pickup truck had reportedly driven through the business parking lot around 10:30 p.m. and left the lot heading north on Grove Road. According to footage reviewed by the business owner, two masked individuals came walking back onto the property around 1:10 a.m.

The two suspects reportedly walked directly toward the storage unit behind the business and used a battery-powered cutter to get into the trailer. After looking inside, the two individuals exited the trailer with nothing and walked back the same way they arrived. 

Yelm police closed the case with no additional information. The suspects are not believed to have taken anything. 

City of Yelm Public Works Reports Stolen Catalytic Converter

The City of Yelm Public Works Department on Friday, April 9, reported to the Yelm Police Department that a catalytic converter was cut off from a city-owned 2019 Ford F-350. 

The original incident is believed to have occurred on March 15, according to police reports. A portion of the department’s exterior fence is believed to have been cut by the unknown suspect, which allowed them access. 

City employees didn’t believe anything had been stolen when they first noticed the opening last month. 

The fence repair is estimated to cost about $1,000 and the repair to the vehicle, as well as the cost of the converter, was estimated at $2,758. 

Suspects are still unknown at this time. 

Elderly Woman Wires Fraudsters $2,500 in Apple Gift Cards 

A 73-year-old Yelm woman was the victim of a phone scammer earlier this month who convinced her to wire $2,500 in Apple gift cards in order to resolve a problem with her computer. 

The woman contacted the Yelm Police Department on Thursday, April 6, regarding the incident. According to police reports, the woman told officers an unknown person had called her claiming to be from Apple customer services. 

They reportedly told her that her computer had been compromised and that her IP address had been used for money laundering and child pornography. The only way to resolve the issue, they told her, was for her to wire the caller funds. 

After providing the scammer with her financial information, the woman contacted Apple directly and was advised that she had fallen victim to a scam. The woman then contacted her bank. 

The suspect was unknown by press time. The woman told police she believed it was possibly someone from outside the country. 

34-Year-Old Burien Woman Arrested on Shoplifting Charges, Pushing Walmart Employee

A 34-year-old Burien woman was caught by Yelm officers attempting to flee across the Thurston-Pierce county line on Thursday, April 8, after shoplifting nearly $1,300 in goods from Yelm Walmart and pushing an employee of the store while running to her vehicle.

Rebecca Barclay, 34, was booked into Thurston County Jail on robbery and second-degree theft charges. 

Yelm officers first received a call from Walmart around 5 p.m. that day. According to police reports, asset protection employees told dispatch they witnessed a female who had concealed items in her purse and was leaving the store. As employees attempted to confront the woman outside the store, she reportedly pushed one of them and fled in a convertible Ford Mustang. 

Walmart employees say Barclay “assaulted” one of them, though camera footage reviewed by Yelm police showed she pushed one of them out of the way. 

Officers pulled over the vehicle near the intersection of State Route 507 and 356th Street in McKenna. As officers approached the vehicle, Barclay was reportedly seen climbing into the back seat and was reaching for something, according to police reports. 

Upon contact, Barclay admitted to shoplifting and handed over the items, most of them expensive electronics, over to the officer. A search of Barclay revealed more items had been stolen, police say, and she reportedly had a tool allowing her access into the store’s electronics display cases. 

A male passenger in the vehicle was released at the scene and Barclay was placed under arrest. Her vehicle, reportedly a rental, was towed from the scene shortly after. 


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