Sirens: No Arrests After Bar Brawl in Yelm; Scorned Ex Slashes Tires; Woman Caught Shoplifting in Walmart


No Arrests After Bar Brawl in Yelm 

Evidently the old notion still holds true: Stupid is as stupid does — especially when people are drunk — and decide to fight.

The Quarter Mile Bar & Grill in Yelm was the scene of the latest middleweight bout when one 22-year-old Yelm man got into it with a 31-year-old Rainier man. 

According to police reports, a couple of Yelm units and two Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched at 11:57 p.m. on April 3 to the business after an anonymous caller said that two men were fighting but that security had managed to separate them. Enroute to the scene, the officers were told blood was involved but didn’t know if medical aid was needed.

Once at the bar, officers had a tough time determining what had happened because “most everyone” was intoxicated and standing around outside in the parking lot. After a few minutes, the officers located a “very intoxicated” man sitting in the backseat of a vehicle, who exited after being asked and was escorted to the officer’s patrol car.

The officer noted the Yelm man had blood on his clothing and hands, but had no visible injuries. He said that he and his child’s mother were attacked by another drunk patron and that he had defended himself and the woman.

The officer proceeded then to speak with his partner and subsequently entered the bar and located the other alleged barroom brawler from Rainier, who needed medical attention because his face was swollen from the fight. 

The Yelm officer then found the woman involved in the altercation who said that the Rainier man had become upset because the Yelm man had been outside talking with her and the other man’s girlfriend. The Yelm woman said the Rainier and Yelm men eventually began fighting until security broke them up.

The officer spoke with several other patrons who all said the Rainier man appeared to be a “very angry drunk” and had started the fight with the Yelm man. The Rainier man said he confronted the Yelm patron because had been flirting with women in the bar and that had irritated the Rainier man. He told police the Yelm man had attacked him first.

Medics arrived about that time and took the Yelm man to the hospital with a possible broken eye socket. Meanwhile, the officer located the Rainier man’s girlfriend who corroborated with the other eyewitnesses who said the Rainier man had been the aggressor.

Though determining the Yelm man was only defending himself, the officer concluded that there was no probable cause to arrest the Rainier man because the Yelm man did not want to press charges. The Rainier man, however, did want to press charges, he said, if given the option. He wasn’t offered that option.

Once the Yelm man was secured in the ambulance, the officer asked all involved parties to leave with designated drivers. No further action was taken.

Scorned Ex Slashes Tires 

A Roy man discovered that slashing tires out of spite will probably get you arrested — especially if you are clandestinely observed while you’re at it.

According to police reports, a Yelm officer was dispatched at 12:27 a.m. on March 29 to a malicious mischief report via telephone. The woman caller on vacation in California said she had been notified from a neighbor in the Tustin Apartment Homes on Creek Street in Yelm that all four of her tires on her 2007 Saab had been slashed.

The neighbor said she had observed a white male in a black-hooded sweatshirt slash two of the tires on the Saab and run west out of view. The neighbor subsequently showed the owner of the Saab a photograph of the alleged tire slasher, and she positively identified him.

The Saab’s owner told police that she and the suspect had been dating for about six years, had lived together and had a daughter. She said that they had broken up about three months earlier. The woman added that she had received text messages from her ex-boyfriend indicating he knew where her vehicle was parked and that she left it alone. The woman texted back telling the man that she’d notify the police if anything happened to it, and he responded by calling her a snitch.

The officer attempted to contact the ex-boyfriend and left a message on the suspect’s cell phone. On March 30, the officer received a call back from the suspect who agreed to meet in the Safeway parking lot at 6:38 p.m.

After advising the suspect of his Miranda rights, the suspect agreed to speak to the officer and told him he knew his ex-girlfriend drove a Saab and that the night before he had stopped by the Tustin location to check his mail, but denied knowledge of the slashed tires.

But based on the accumulated evidence surrounding the suspect’s physical description, his location at the time of the tire slashing, his clothing, and his text messages, the officer arrested the suspect for malicious mischief in the third degree and issued a criminal citation. The officer did not assign the suspect a court date due to COVID-19. 

The suspect was released at the scene. 

Woman Caught Shoplifting in Walmart 

A woman who said she’s homeless tried to leave Yelm Walmart with 20 items of clothing about 3:52 p.m. on March 31, but was nabbed.

According to police reports, Yelm police officers were advised that a shoplift had taken place at Walmart and that the suspect had boarded and then exited a bus. Police located her near the east entrance of the Walmart parking lot and another officer drove to Walmart and spoke to a loss prevention associate.

The associate said the woman had been milling around the clothing section selecting and concealing items, eventually abandoning her shopping cart and keeping her bags of concealed merchandise. She then walked toward the front of the store without paying for the merchandise.

Two Walmart employees confronted the suspect at the front of the store and asked her to return to the office to discuss the stolen merchandise. The suspect refused, left the store, and police were called. Officers discovered the woman had a previous no trespassing order issued in November.

By then, the second officer arrived on scene with the female suspect who had three bags of merchandise. The officers were able to identify the woman through a Department of Licensing photograph. They discovered the suspect’s stolen items were valued at $93.29.

The officer advised the suspect that she was under arrest; the woman said she was homeless and came to Yelm to “get away for a while.”

The officer issued the suspect a criminal citation for third-degree theft and second-degree criminal trespassing. The officer instructed her to contact the Yelm court to secure a court date and she was then released at the scene.   


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