Sirens: Man Jailed After Leaving Crash Scene; Mailbox Taken Out by Motorist; Shoplifters Get Away With $479 in Merchandise From Safeway


Man Jailed After Allegedly Attempting to Flee Scene of Crash

After causing a T-bone collision and then attempting to flee the scene, Yelm police arrested a 26-year-old Marysville man who was subsequently booked into Nisqually Jail.

According to police reports, a Yelm officer was dispatched at 9:56 p.m. on March 23 to investigate a hit and run that had just occurred in the area around Yelm Avenue East and Plaza Drive Northeast. Dispatch advised the officer that the vehicles involved were a white truck and a white SUV and that the suspect’s vehicle was being followed to the Prairie Hotel.

The officer discovered at the scene with the help of a Thurston County deputy that a white F-450 truck was parked in front of a white Toyota SUV. The officer engaged the driver of the SUV to ensure he and his family were unhurt and then proceeded to speak with the driver of the truck. The officer noted that the truck driver appeared extremely disoriented with slurred and sluggish speech and needed to lean against his truck to stand. The driver said he had no idea how the collision had occurred and that he was the only occupant of the vehicle. The officer surmised that the driver was not going to offer much information, so he went back to speak again with the driver of the SUV to determine how the collision had transpired.

The SUV driver, a 43-year-old resident of Roy, said he’d been driving westbound on Yelm Avenue East near Plaza Drive when the F-450 truck turned in front of him and caused a collision on Yelm Avenue near Plaza Drive. The SUV driver said the truck continued driving attempting to flee, so the SUV driver chased after him with his two children in the vehicle.

After speaking with the Roy resident, the officer contacted a witness of the collision who said it appeared as though the truck was trying to flee the scene after hitting the truck. The officer subsequently observed that both vehicles sustained extensive damage.

Based on the evidence he had accumulated, the officer determined that the truck driver had turned in front of the SUV, causing the collision and then tried to flee the scene.

The officer contacted the truck driver again, told him he was under arrest, and secured him in handcuffs. As the officer searched the suspect, he could smell alcohol on his breath, though the suspect said he had not been drinking. The officer escorted the suspect to his patrol car and secured him in the back seat. The suspect refused to speak with the officer at that point and refused to blow into a portable breath test.

The officer arrested the suspect for hit and run and first-degree negligent driving and requested a tow truck to impound the suspect’s truck. The officer issued the case number to the SUV driver and then transported the suspect to Nisqually Jail where he was booked without incident. 


Mailbox Taken Out by Motorist 

The mailman or woman who delivers letters and such to a residence on Stevens Street in Yelm might have a bit of trouble performing their duties for a while after an errant driver skidded across a lane of traffic, jumped the curb and flattened the residence’s mailbox — and then kept driving.

According to police reports, two Yelm officers received a witness’ report at about noon on March 25 that a green Honda Civic traveling east on Stevens Avenue Northeast had driven erratically and ended up causing the aforementioned damage to the mailbox, pulling the post out of the ground. The witness, who had been sitting on his sofa in his living room when he looked out of his window and saw the incident, described the driver of the Honda as a middle-aged white male.

The Yelm officers subsequently contacted the residents of the home on Stevens Street who owned the mailbox, but at the time they were contacted were unaware of the incident. They ended up showing the officer security camera video of the incident but were unable to identify the suspect or any other vehicle information.

The Yelm officers searched the area for the suspect’s vehicle but were unable to locate it. The Stevens Avenue resident, 59, estimated the damage to her mailbox at about $100.

The case is now closed with leads exhausted.


Shoplifters Get Away With $479 in Merchandise From Safeway  

A 45-year-old man and 28-year-old woman — both Olympia residents —  are suspects in a shoplifting incident at Yelm Safeway.

According to police reports, the theft occurred at about 11 a.m. on March 24. A Safeway employee and store director told a Yelm police officer that they had first observed the suspects acting suspiciously with an empty shopping cart around the Starbucks coffee stand. 

The suspects then entered the store’s aisles and approximately three minutes later emerged with a cooler in the cart as they exited the store without paying for it.

The store employee, who was able to identify the suspects’ license plate, subsequently confronted the pair by their vehicle and asked for the merchandise back. The suspects refused and fled in a silver car that might have been a Mazda. After a review of the store’s surveillance video and inspection of the liquor aisle, the store employee estimated the theft at $479.27. He was also able to describe the suspects, and the officer subsequently texted a still photo of the suspects from the surveillance video to the Yelm Police Department and the Nisqually Police Department. A check of the address for the suspects’ vehicle yielded no information, though an officer with the Nisqually Police Department thought he could identify the female suspect, though he wasn’t positive.

At this point, the Yelm officer listed the pair of suspects from their vehicle license plate as persons of interest, though not verified suspects.

The case is currently closed with leads exhausted. The Yelm officer said he has been unable to identify the suspects.













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