She Cuts It: Roy woman offers ‘complete’ tree service to Nisqually Valley

Beth Stock has owned her own business in Roy since 2010


Beth Stock takes pride in being a female business owner in the tree service industry. The longtime Roy resident is the owner of She Cuts It Tree Service, a business that started on a whim.

She serves Pierce and Thurston counties, offering storm clean-up, logging, tree removal, maintenance, 24/7 emergency services, preventative hazard care and more. All of the skills that Stock has accumulated over the years have been self-taught through what she describes as “by trial and error and patience.”

“I had come into a hardship with my ex-husband, and I didn’t necessarily have any career skills. I literally picked up a chainsaw and started taking calls from our home-based tree service business,” said Stock, who later started her own business in 2010. “I had to go hands-on from the very beginning, starting with small jobs because I could just put stuff in my horse trailer.”

She worked in horse barns and farms growing up, so she knew she had the physical capabilities to perform the tasks on her own. One of Stock’s first jobs was removing a tree that was caught in another tree, and she, along with her nephew-in-law and brother, “winged it” and got the job done, she said. Finishing the job gave her confidence that she could continue to learn the necessary skills to open She Cuts It Tree Service. She operates with a small team of people who help her, primarily with climbing trees for trimming or pruning. Her slogan is “She cuts it. He climbs it.”

While she enjoyed the challenge of being the sole proprietor of her own business, she admitted she was afraid of failing in the very beginning.

“At this point, failure was not an option for me. I had to move forward. But once I found out I could really do it, I was immediately comfortable on my own,” Stock said. “When I found confidence in myself to succeed in this company, to succeed in this line of work, then I felt unstoppable.”

Stock said that being a woman in the tree service industry also comes with its own tests, and she had to prove herself to some people, including those in the same industry.

“They always want to compete with me. This is a man’s world, and it’s a sailor’s ship out here,” she said. “It’s rough as hell dealing with these guys that always want to compete with the girl. I can fell a tree better than 90% of men that I’ve met and start saws that they can’t.”

Stock prioritizes serving a customer to complete satisfaction and has their best interests in mind. She treats every household like it was her own.

“If the customers aren’t satisfied, I’m not satisfied. Without my customers, I would be nothing,” she said. “I always try to think about if my family lived on their property, what I would do to keep my family safe by pointing out hazards and future problems.

“This is my hometown, to the end of my days. All my kids were born and raised in Roy, so we’ve got roots here,” Stock added. “Without my local community, I’d be failing.”

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