Rainier High School Student Begins Hauling Business


Mathis Bosch had a GMC truck and an idea, which he has since turned into a business.

The Rainier High School student hasn’t graduated yet but Bosch has stayed busy transporting and hauling items around Southwest Washington.

“It all started when a friend asked me to do a dump run and I found it easy,” Bosch said. “I love driving and thought I could make something of it.”

Bosch said he received a large response from the surrounding community when he made a Facebook post about his services. 

Bosch used to do landscaping, but with the wet, cold weather, there was less work. After being laid off from his landscaping job, Bosch realized he could do work like his friend’s dump run.

“My first transport was someone needing a mechanic shop workstation delivered from Renton to Hawks Prairie,” Bosch said. “I just thought about how to use my truck for little activities and I decided to give this transporting thing a shot.”

When he started advertising on social media, Bosch said he posted a selfie of him doing a dump run, and he got one response.

“Then 15 minutes later, I was on my way to the next run and was scheduling another three,” Bosch said.

People typically need runs at the beginning or end of the month.

“Everything kind of soars during then and the interest level was way higher than I was expecting,” Bosch said.

Bosch typically hauls as far down as Centralia and up north to Tacoma. He just transferred to online courses for his high school education, which gives him more time to dedicate to his business.

“I want to go to college and I would love to do this after high school,” Bosch said. “My hope is this can be self-sustainable throughout college and it would be great if I could get all the logistics and networking down.”

A busy day can see him making it to the dump or a destination 10 times a day. The money would allow him to be a diligent college student, he said, and the business experience could be carried over into other aspects of life.

“People seem to love it because they see I’m in high school,” Bosch said. “People have been super nice in comments and when I say I’m doing runs, past customers type in the comments, and they’re very positive.”

Bosch said the cost for a load depends on how heavy the items or the garbage is, if it’s hazardous and how far he has to haul it. Rainier is lucky enough to have a transfer station, meaning Bosch can drop a load off on his way back home or drop it off early in the morning.

He can’t haul hazardous materials like chemicals, but Bosch can haul a lot of other items with his straps, tarps and sometimes a trailer.

Bosch can be reached at 360-584-8695 or by email at mathistbosch@gmail.com.