Question of the Week: What type of business would you most like to see developed in Yelm?

Posted 6/3/15

Question of the Week: Yelm City Council approved a planned action that will streamline the future development of seven undeveloped commercial properties near Walmart. What type of business would you …

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Question of the Week: What type of business would you most like to see developed in Yelm?


Question of the Week: Yelm City Council approved a planned action that will streamline the future development of seven undeveloped commercial properties near Walmart. What type of business would you most like to see developed there?

“Please put a Denny’s restaurant there. That would be great.”

Lori Daves of Yelm, housewife

“Good restaurant chains.”

Michelle Lambertsen Michaelson of Roy, medical assistant

“Swimming pool. No more restaurants, coffee shops or banks, please.”

Shannon Madalena of Yelm, child care provider

“Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or even WinCo.”

Amee Jones of Roy, graphic designer in Yelm

“WinCo, please. “

Loreena MaryAnna Simpson of Rainier, retired

“No more Mexican restaurants. Would like to see maybe an IHOP, Famous Dave’s, Olive Garden, more of a different variety. A community pool would be awesome though.”

Maria Interiano of Yelm, caregiver


Darlene Ward of Yelm, United States Postal Service

“A swimming pool and spray park/wading pool and decent playground.”

Jackie Tomlinson of McKenna, stay-at-home mom

“Swimming pool and WinCo or Grocery Outlet.”

Sonja Lapine of Rainier, homecare aid

“How about a bigger building that can house a larger bowling alley on one side with a restaurant, and on the other side of the building a skating rink or something for family fun. We need something closer for family/kid entertainment. It would be awesome. Or something like a YMCA or Boys and Girls Club for after school fun for kids.”

Anastasia Fagan-Ziegler of Yelm, stay-at-home mom and grandma

“YMCA, Applebee’s. We just need more food options. And more places to do activities or fun things. This town is so small and so far away from everything. Having anything closer would be so nice. Or a community college. That’d be super nice. … I have to drive all the way to Renton for school because the other colleges in Olympia don’t offer the classes I need.”

Alyssa Callahan of Yelm, customer service at Walmart

“Applebee’s and a Home Depot or at least an awesome hardware/home improvement center. … For me and the people I know it’s because we all went to Lacey or Spanaway. … Not necessarily a big box, but that is OK too.”

Lila Norden Oakley of Roy, retired

“Wendy’s, Applebee’s, Chili’s. Something like that.”

Catherine Houghton Williams of Yelm, school bus driver

“Skate shop.”

Travis Kirby of Rainier, high school student

“A 24-hour family restaurant, Shari’s or Denny’s, and/or an Applebee’s or Olive Garden.”

Dana Spivey of Rainier, city of Yelm executive administration assistant

“Target, Arby’s.”

Jennifer Doughty Bourke of Yelm, retail supervisor

“More small businesses. No more banks, restaurants or coffee shops. No more corporations.”

Marina Twiggs of Yelm, business owner

“It would be nice to get a restaurant, something like a Red Robin or Applebee’s. Also a YMCA or something similar with an indoor pool would be great. 31 flavors would also be nice.”

Valerie Aikens-Schwindt of Yelm, cashier

“Anything but more big box stores and chains. All of the money and good jobs leave our community and we stagnate economically when they come in. We need to support and encourage local businesses, not destroy them.”

Daniel Crowe of Yelm,


“If I had my way nothing, but if we have to build something, make it for our community. The kids in this town have nothing productive to do so they seem to find trouble instead, especially in the rainy season. This town needs an awesome community center. YMCA, Boys and Girls Club — I mean come on, Rochester has one — something for our youth is needed so badly. I hope to see something productive come here soon. Everywhere you turn there’s a Mexican restaurant, bank, espresso stand, or a used car lot. I hate that I have to go 30 to 60 minutes away for activities so bringing something close to home would really improve our community. … I agree with filling the vacancies. There’s a lot of empty buildings in town.”

Amanda Troy of Yelm,

stay-at-home mom

“YMCA with a pool. A Boys and Girls Club would be great also. A specialty tea shop where we can visit, use WiFi.”

Dayna Yacobazzi-Brown of Yelm, family support/early learning

“Since we’re the ‘Gateway to Mount Rainier,’ how about we finally get around to capitalizing on that fact with something like a Mount Rainier-themed water slide park. Hey, I can dream. We can compete directly with the Great Wolf Lodge, but with more focus on food and rides. Or we can just continue on with the stripmallification of the prairie so we can be as unique as, well, the rest of America.”

John Winslow of Rainier, teacher

“I would love to see

Meconi’s build here.”

Barbara Kiourkas of Yelm, home maker

“YMCA, Olive Garden, Target, Baskin-Robbins, World Market, Trader Joe’s, Barnes and Noble.”

Jaide Riddall of Yelm, high school student

“A YMCA, something productive and fun for young adults and even children to go to, other than a park.”

Katie Allowatt of Yelm, nanny

“What we don’t need are more chain restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops or banks. We have Mountain Lumber so we don’t need a Lowe’s or Home Depot. We don’t have the population to support a Costco, Target, Fred Meyer or other department store. A skate park is being constructed, a community center in which children’s activities can be scheduled is in the construction phase. Although a YMCA would be great, they would use the community center. So how about the Yelm City Council quit growing the town without a lot of thought on what the town is supposed to represent other than fast food restaurants, gas stations and banks.”

Mona Etteldorf Keifer of Lake Lawrence, business manager

“I would love to see a community college or vocational/trade school go there. An opportunity for our kids to further their careers without driving 45 minutes in any direction would be great. School equals teachers and staff equals money spent locally at restaurants equals increased tax base equals money for stuff like swimming pools. More educated adults equals greater independence and quality of life.”

Molly Carmody of Yelm, Crowe Law Office manager

“Target, swimming pool, Wendy’s.”

Andrea Parsons of Yelm, teacher

“Lowe’s or Home Depot.”

Andre Le Duc of Yelm, highway maintenance worker

“I second the Target or other good clothing retailers.”

Tara Serrano of Rainier, state employee

“A YMCA would be a great idea. Anything that would offer recreation for families and especially teens. There is very little in this town for teens to do. Bored teens lead to drug and alcohol problems.”

Renee Quiett of Yelm, mom

“YMCA with a pool.”

Amy Waterman of Yelm, receptionist.

“First of all I would like to see a road cut from the stop light at Walmart to Bald Hill Road. It would take a lot of traffic off the intersection by Arco. Then I’m thinking Country Buffet, Ross, Jo-Ann Fabric. It really comes down to what company is willing to make a large investment in Yelm. We need to take the pressure off the road through Yelm. Like make the road a four lane instead of the current two lane.”

James Callahan of Clearlake, retired


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