Oblivion Wrestling rocks Heritage Hall in promotion’s debut show in Thurston County

Second event set for June 22 in same location


Passionate fans of professional wrestling packed the Thurston County Fairgrounds Heritage Hall on Saturday, May 25, to experience Oblivion Wrestling’s debut show. Before the first match could even occur, attendants and new fans of the promotion set the tone with loud, boisterous chants.

Cole Wright, a Yelm resident and local representative of Oblivion Wrestling, said the show went as well as those involved could have hoped, and more. His expectations of the initial show were blown away due to the fans’ energy and the overall match quality presented inside Heritage Hall.

“I think we left the mark of what Oblivion Wrestling is supposed to be and what people can expect in the future. From what we heard, the fans expect the same things we do,” Wright said. “Heritage Hall was actually a privilege to get. Working with venues can always be tricky or intricate, but they were so helpful for us. They really gave us the space to do our own thing. They weren’t micromanaging us or anything. We’re super appreciative that they allowed us in there and that they’ll hopefully allow us back in the future.”

Wright wrestled in the promotion’s inaugural match against opponent LumberZack. Though LumberZack had the size advantage, Wright’s heart and never say die attitude and approach led him to victory.

“I can’t even describe how it felt to have that match in front of everyone there, and to be the first Oblivion match that everyone saw. It gives me goosebumps now just thinking about it,” Wright said following the matchup. “I’m very happy that I won. I will admit that LumberZack did leave some good bruises on me. It was a very close match. There was a time he speared me and I couldn’t breathe. There’s no joke about that. I didn’t think I was going to be able to kick out, but thankfully I did, got back up and put him down — just enough for the three count.”

Following the contest between Wright and LumberZack, Rose made her way to the ring and announced that she was not medically cleared to wrestle against her opponent, Bambi Hall, due to a concussion. While attempting to deliver a heartfelt speech about her injury to the audience, she was interrupted by 99.9 KISW radio personality and professional wrestler Steve Migs.

After several minutes of back-and-forth verbal jousting between Migs and Rose, with Migs even advising the concussed wrestler to leave the ring, Coco Flash made his Oblivion Wrestling debut and eventually wrestled an official match with Migs. Throughout the contest, crowd members made it clear that they were behind Flash and even directed chants of “grow some hair” toward Migs. Despite the efforts from Flash and audience members, Migs was victorious.

Oblivion Wrestling then hosted its “Oregon Pro Wrestling School Student Showcase” with wrestlers Daemon and Sosa competing against one another.

Though the matchup was titled a “student showcase,” Daemon and Sosa received a standing ovation at the conclusion of the match. Daemon defeated Sosa in the hard-hitting showcase matchup, and proclaimed the best is yet to come in a post-match interview with Oblivion Wrestling officials.

Following the student showcase and a brief intermission, Oblivion Wrestling returned to action as Bryce Saturn wrestled 22-year wrestling veteran Chris Masters. Masters, a former two-time National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) national champion and Wrestlemania participant, brought the fight to his counterpart, Saturn, throughout the contest. Using his power and throwing hard-hitting strikes, Masters wore down his opponent and had victory in his sight.

Despite Masters’ experience and power advantage over his opponent, the seasoned veteran was eventually defeated as Saturn caught the current Stu Hart Heritage Champion with a surprise roll up for the three count and a big upset victory.

In the main event of Oblivion Wrestling’s debut show, Travis Williams defeated former WWE and AEW talent Lio Rush in a fast-paced, technical wrestling clinic. Rush quickly gained the support of the audience, however, Williams’ technical skills, instinct and vicious strikes and kicks were too much for the pro wrestling veteran to overcome.

Each time Rush built momentum in the match, Williams broke his opponent’s hot streak with snappy kicks, brutal punches or by using his high wrestling IQ. With the crowd fully behind Rush, Williams silenced the rowdy audience members by forcing his opponent to tap out after he applied the “cattle mutilation” submission maneuver.

Post match, Rush attempted to soak in the standing ovation he was receiving from the crowd, but Williams returned from backstage to further attack and provoke Rush. Williams’ attempts were short lived as Rush fought off his opponent.

With Williams out of the equation, Rush celebrated the performance with audience members, sending them home happy.

“From my perspective, I’d definitely say the crowd was the true show stealer,” Wright said. “They made the night. I’m very happy with the wrestling that happened in between the ropes, but that crowd made it 10 times better. A crowd makes or breaks an event, and they made it feel like we were at Wrestlemania. Every wrestler came back through those curtains saying they want to wrestle in front of that crowd again. That’s everyone from the local talent, all the way up to Lio Rush and Chris Masters. They really appreciated Thurston County coming out in full force.”

Oblivion Wrestling returns to Heritage Hall on Saturday, June 22, and Wright and Oblivion performers are hopeful to give fans another memorable show next month.

“Hopefully we can tear it up again,” Wright said. “I know that everyone in Oblivion, from the wrestlers, to the crew, to everyone helping out — they were left speechless by the reactions they got from everyone. We’re so thankful to be a part of this community and that the community welcomed us with open arms.”