New Mural in Yelm Pays Homage to City’s Pride


PTL Hardwood Floors LLC unveiled a new mural showcasing the city’s pride on Saturday, Sept. 17.

The mural, located on the business at 310 Railroad Ave. NW, was made possible in part thanks to a beautification grant from the City of Yelm.

The mural pays homage to Yelm’s roots and traditions. Each letter is painted with a different theme as Mount Rainier looms in the background.

The letter Y includes fish swimming in a river, which pays tribute to the city’s deep roots with the Nisqually Indian Tribe, while the E features the American flag, which recognizes the town’s patriotism and support of local servicemembers. The L symbolizes the Yelm Water Tower, which is an iconic structure in the city, while the M has a wagon wheel painted on it in reference to the city’s Prairie Day roots.

The background displays a small airplane, which recognizes the local airport and features the city’s slogan, “Pride of the Prairie,” at the bottom of the mural.

In a social media post, Joshua Crossman, the owner of PTL Hardwood Floors, said two local artists completed the project with paint from Jerry’s Paint Center. Crossman added the mural, which “truly captures the spirit of Yelm,” took months to design.

The Yelm City Council previously approved an ordinance to create an arts commission, which has worked to encourage the development and creation of artwork throughout the city. The group is made up of five to 12 volunteers appointed by the city council, according to the city’s website.

The commission serves as Yelm’s primary resource to promote and preserve the city’s notable “community assets” by allowing public input, and creating policies to implement art into Yelm-owned public space.

The commission encourages citizens to engage with the artwork through the city by taking photos with the works of art.

The new mural on the backside of PTL can be viewed from the Prairie Line Trail. The nearest intersection to the mural is First Street and Stevens Avenue.