New Massage Therapist Puts Yelm on the Table

Salt and Sage Holistic Body Care is Open Seven Days a Week


Folks have another choice for massage therapy in Yelm with the opening of Salt and Sage Holistic Body Care, which moved to the city on June 1.

Madison Pate, licensed massage therapist and owner of the business, graduated from the Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in Tumwater at the end of last year. She initially opened her business in Lacey on Dec. 15, but since she lives in Yelm, the move was a natural fit.

“My background is in injury treatment and prior to that I was a certified personal trainer,” Pate said. “So I have a lot of background in kinesiology and anatomy.”

Kinesiology is the study of muscles and how they are supposed to move, she said.

“I do get a lot of people in the fitness industry on my table,” Pate said, adding her understanding of kinesiology helps her with clients. “We’ll do more assisted stretching, resistance, trying to get those muscles to activate and work on injuries.”

She said she enjoys helping people by empowering them to take care of themselves and heal.

Yet she admits she’s not a healer. She’s just the facilitator of the natural healing process the body undergoes under the right circumstances.

The kinesthetic approach isn’t always the one that’s used.

“Sometimes, I just get people who come in and relax and we turn the music low, turn the lights low, get the hot stones out and have a good hour (or) two hours, whatever they need,” Pate said. “Sometimes that’s more important, just letting their mind relax for a little bit.”

A typical session runs between $75 and $95 an hour, and she does not take insurance.

Potential clients can contact her about services on Facebook by searching the business name. Pate will then conference with them to see if she is the right fit for their needs. If her services do not match what someone needs done, Pate said she has no problem telling them that.

Once a person shows up for a session, Pate conducts a five to 10 minute intake process, where she and the client come up with a personalized plan of treatment for the session.

“We really create a custom plan right then and there,” she said.

Pate initially became interested in massage therapy while she was training to be a yoga instructor. One of her classmates expressed interest in the trade and Pate decided it would be a great place for her to take her career.

Salt and Sage Holistic Body Care is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Tuesday and from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. The rest of the time, Pate attends school to get her master’s degree of esthetics, or skin care, which she hopes to employ in her business.

“When I was thinking about it, massage is really hard on your body, so I was thinking about the longevity of my career, what I could do that still honors my values and makes sense with my career,” Pate said.

But that doesn’t keep her from being incredibly busy.

“School and massage, school and massage,” Pate said. “But anyone that knows me knows I’ve been running that way for a while.”

She came up with the name of the business by relying on aspects of her personality that are deeply ingrained in who she is, she said.

“When I was a child, I really wanted to be a mermaid, so I am quite drawn to salt water,” Pate said of the “salt” portion of the name. “And then I really like sage and the idea of purifying and you really have to be in the right mindset as a therapist, because your clients can feel that.

“So you have to check your energy, your state of mind, before working on them, because it will affect the quality of their massage,” she said.


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