Letter to the Editor: Why Are Yelm Council’s Priorities So Misplaced?


An observation for your readers in response to your story, “Yelm Council Passes Design, Cost Estimate Agreement for Educational Center and Business Incubator.” 

Why was Joe DePinto the only council member dissenting with a stand for fiscal restraint due to uncertainties from the pandemic’s second wave? 

Yelm went through this over a decade ago when buying a library condo was also more important to that council than public involvement, transparency and proper due diligence on the 20-year loan and operations and maintenance expenses. That was rushed through during an economic downturn, The Great Recession, for which the city is still paying today with budget impacts deferring maintenance and upgrades to public works systems. 

So why are this council’s priorities so misplaced? The state legislative funding does not need to be spent now, especially since the city does not hold title to the designated land!

Steve Klein



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