Letter to the Editor: We Appreciate Rep. Strickland Standing  Up for Us


Thank you Rep. Marilyn Strickland for standing up for your constituents.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans are threatening to drive the U.S. to default on our debts if significant cuts are not made to our critical national programs. They just passed a bill that would slash Medicaid, food assistance, veterans’ benefits and other vital programs.

We need to do more to support working and impoverished families, rather than giving more tax reductions to big corporations and the ultra-wealthy the Congressional Republicans are currently proposing. Any cuts to Medicaid or food assistance would only threaten the livelihoods of millions, and pull the rug out from so many of us who have paid into the programs from our paychecks.

It would literally take food off of the table from those who need it most. Not to mention the risks of a recession and job losses if Republicans force the government to default on its debt.

Rep. Strickland has signed a pledge with other Democrats to oppose any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, food assistance, and other programs our community relies on.

We appreciate you standing up for us Rep. Strickland.

Kathy Pruitt,