Letter to the Editor: Washington state Republican Party must unite behind Joe Kent


I was fortunate to attend a Joe Kent Washington District 3 event October 2022 held in Bucoda — with guest speaker Tulsi Gabbard.

It was very crowded in the park that afternoon with hundreds of people, and the energy of the people was electrifying.

I came away with the impression of how down-to-earth, smart and focused Joe Kent is, and how much he is just like one of us. Joe’s a regular guy who loves Washington state and our country.

Last week, I heard that the Washington State GOP has endorsed Joe Kent for Congress in Washington’s District 3. All Republicans need to unify behind Joe Kent, so we can send him to Washington D.C. to clean up the mess that we are in.

When I look back at the last election for the Washington District 3 race in 2022, Joe Kent lost by less than 1%. It’s mind boggling how close the race really was.

This is a “do-or-die” moment for our country and for Washington state; both are on the brink of collapse.

Joe Kent is the right guy at the right time who understands the seriousness of our situation and who will fight for the people in Washington District 3.

Susan Allen