Letter to the Editor: The Popularity of Polarization

Posted 12/1/20

I have loved and lived on my little farm in Yelm between the country folk and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment since 1995.The many-year homesteaders who raise gardens, cattle and horses with rifles …

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Letter to the Editor: The Popularity of Polarization


I have loved and lived on my little farm in Yelm between the country folk and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment since 1995.

The many-year homesteaders who raise gardens, cattle and horses with rifles or lariats in their gun racks are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever had the honor to call neighbors. More than once, they have come to my aid when I really needed it. Do they have different political or religious affiliations than I do? I don’t know. I wouldn’t ask, and I don’t care. 

When the Ramtha School opened here many years ago, everyone was curious and speculating. I personally was pleased because along with Ramtha came a huge diversity of people from all over the world. Other benefits included alternative businesses such as new health modalities, a food co-op and non-chain restaurants. I was also pleased during the concerning times when a former mayor of Yelm wanted to bring a huge NASCAR track here, and another time, a manure sludge dump. Neither of these came to fruition because the Ramtha people and other neighbors were against these businesses.

Together, we made a majority.

Regarding the recent article in the Nisqually Valley News, there seems to be a huge about-face in the Ramtha camp. What historically appeared to be pretty liberal and non-divisive has turned into what now sounds like radical conspiracy theories and the largest financial contributors in Thurston County to the Republican president. I commend our local newspaper for alerting the Seattle FBI regarding Ms. JZ Knight’s words and actions advocating for a violent government coup. 

This isn’t freedom of speech or a cute little rally with people holding up signs, it’s treason. and very much against the law. It is no secret that JZ has always been about money, living in one of the most palatial estates in Washington state. I know a number of students who had vast wealth also and are now living in hovels because they chose to dole their money out to her over a number of years. 

Perhaps our resident blonde bombshell wants to become a cabinet member with our national blonde bomb in Washington, D.C. who also seems to be all about money. Holding the people’s White House in ransom seems like authoritarianism or a dictatorship, not democracy.  

There are so many media outlets that can muddy the waters. These formats aren’t really the problem, but lack of “fact-checking” is.  

Of course, free speech is everyone’s right, but there are thousands of people out there who are perpetuating falsehoods for their own financial gain. They either charge their subscribers or ask for donations from their followers. That appears to be what JZ Knight is doing. She is keeping her flock riled up, so they will keep coming back to her for “the truth.” Conspiracy theories create agitation, division and even violence amongst the people. Keeping the people polarized prevents the multitude’s real power. Our real power of course is unity. 

Even though at times it seems to me as though half the voters in this country must have lead in their water causing such extreme reactions, I refuse to fixate on “us and them” and fear and anger. It just isn’t that black and white.

There is huge grey matter in the middle. 

It now seems like “divided we stand.” Perhaps, if we take off our rose-colored glasses, we may see that our political system here in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” has always been way less than ideal. If you don’t believe that, just ask the First Nations peoples. I used to think that polarization was somehow done to us in some way by this administration. 

Now it seems evident that we have all co-created this unfortunate new normal. Perhaps the real truth is, humanity has much more in common then there are differences. The people who really get hurt during a coup d’états are those on the lower end of the economic ladder. The ones in power and with massive wealth rarely pay any real price because they seek others to do the dirty work on their behalf. Our government is still after all this time falling short of a “country for the people and by the people”.

I hope and pray that you join me and say, “ May there be peace on Earth and may it begin with me.”

My humble opinion.


Jeanine Sear



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