Letter to the Editor: Robbery, Theft and Property Damage in Yelm Causes Concerns


Again, there was another break in at Mariachi Alegre. The first break-in smashed the front door glass and some items were stolen. The second break-in happened at 4 a.m. on a past Saturday. The person broke through the back door, took a bottle of medication and left his knife behind. A video, photo, the person’s name and his frequent hang out spots of the suspect were given to police. No action taken again.

Every business in town (recently Ma and Pa’s Family Diner) has been negatively affected by the out of control homeless problem.

Problems include robbery, theft, property damage, threatening citizens with guns, knives and other weapons, littering areas with needles, feces on sides of buildings and general garbage. They don’t even try to hide from security cameras. They leisurely stroll past most of them.

Why? Because there are no consequences for their actions. There is a municipal code 9.10.20 and 9.10.30 that directly addresses these encampments being illegal in our city.

Why is the only action being taken by city officials is to be “accommodating” to the homeless?

Deana Rodriguez,