Letter to the Editor: It Is No Longer Possible to Be Apathetic About Our Role as Citizens


Living on the outskirts of Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, outside of the small town of Yelm, I have just recently come to realize in a serious way what it means to be betrayed by politics.

Elected representatives who pretend to serve in the best interests of citizens like myself, who instead do the exact opposite, in my opinion, are the most damaging forces to the economic security and future prosperity for the middle class in this state.

A great example of betrayed trust is U.S. Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez’s recent vote against small business. Marie voted against the Family and Small Business Protection Act (HR 23). This bill thankfully passed the House. It would fire President Joe Biden’s 80,000 IRS agents, no longer permit the IRS to freely audit all small transactions, and prohibit the IRS from auditing those who make less than $400,000 per year. She had a chance to protect small businesses and middle class families from the government but chose to protect the IRS instead.

The process of learning skills and growing a business is a great responsibility. It was never a process that I viewed as something granted by government, or as a contract to appease authorities. Whatever reason why I chose to move here, it was not for the politics or to fit in.

To see a freshman congresswoman so eagerly voting against the desires of small business owners is discouraging, especially in the face of what many citizens here have had to overcome in the last three years. Washington state is a unique place where small business is the lifeblood of communities. Better still, the freedom to engage in commerce should never be impeded.

But now, for many, there is growing anger and discontent. I am sensing the trust in government is at an all time low and the majority of citizens are desiring to see an honest effort to hold certain leaders accountable. Regardless of party preference we must examine the voting records of our representatives and see if they are in favor of supporting small business.

There also needs to be some serious discussions and actions taken to investigate mismanaged responses to COVID-19 with ridiculous mandates, lockdowns and business closures. There needs to be probes into election integrity. The time to stay quiet has passed.

Now, it is no longer possible to be apathetic about our role as citizens. We must vote to ensure our livelihoods and businesses are protected and our lives can have the fullest measure of freedom restored without persecution.

Josh Winsor,