Letter to the Editor: Gluesenkamp Perez Contradicts World View of Constituents She Represents


I am writing this letter to help myself and others in this vital part of Southwest Washington come to grips with hypocrisy and the lack of honesty in politics.

In an area mainly consisting of Lewis, Wahkiakum, Pacific, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania and southern parts of Thurston County, we had strong voter turnout in the 2020 general election primary at the precinct level favoring non-establishment Republicans like Donald Trump and Loren Culp.

In fact, these Republican candidates during that primary did better than their Democrat opponents in terms of percentage of votes.

These early indicators, including voter registration data, tell us that a majority of citizens across this part of Washington state lean conservative, if not, “America first.”

Many among us made commitments to be civically engaged. We volunteered, attended meetings, waved flags and posted signage, regardless of the intentional hurdles of lockdowns and mandates imposed by Democrats in power.

While the media was using the George Floyd riots in Seattle and in other Democrat-controlled cities throughout our country to set the tone for the rest of 2020, several pro-patriot events throughout that season attracted thousands of people without incident, especially at the state Capitol.

The only instances of violence were when groups of skinny-armed, black-clad antifa showed up to disrupt events.

Most of us wanted to re-open our businesses, let our kids go back to school and carry on with living. The video recordings of those freedom-themed events  and rallies can still be found online and are all peaceful and filled with insight, passion and patriotism.

The summer of 2020 offered a glimpse into how sensible citizens started to wake up. By simply ignoring the propaganda espoused by corporate media, and using one’s own power of observation, the momentum for political transformation was and still favors common sense over radical and damaging ideologies.

With the past three years as a lesson, many have witnessed election anomalies and have deepened our distrust of scripted, dishonest and phony politicians.

So here we are now with Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, from Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, who seems contradictory to the world view of constituents she actually represents.

Marie repeated false smears about her opponent, started her campaign late before being elected, and has a small following on social media in comparison to more popular officials. Marie also shows some obvious signs of being an elitist and not genuine. In addition to having highly scripted town halls, she regularly votes against freedom.

She voted “no” on HR 382, the Pandemic is Over Act.

She voted “no” on HR 185, to terminate the requirement imposed by the director of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention for proof of COVID-19 vaccination for foreign travelers.

She voted “no” on HR 140, to pass a bill that prohibits federal employees from censoring the speech of others while acting in an official capacity.

She voted “no” on HR 26, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Think about what led us to this point and let us take steps to avoid it in the future.

Josh Winsor,