Letter to the Editor: Congresswoman Gluesenkamp Perez Threw Us All Under the Bus


I have always felt we have the most wonderful country in the world. Even though some of my friends have different views than myself, I still honor them and their right to their opinions.

Recent hearings in the House of Representatives have exposed government officials that have heavily censored Americans behind their backs on social media sites. Whether they be Republicans, Democrats, or other party affiliations, no federal government officials should be dictating which lawful speech is allowed and which is not.

This is why the bill “Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act” was drafted in the House of Representative to prevent this from happening again. You would think the vote would have been unanimous, but sadly it was not. It went right down party lines.

Republicans voted for the bill and the Democrats voted against it. One of those people voting against it was our very own Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez.

I’ve checked her Twitter site and there were no references nor explanations. She just went along with the rest of her clan, refusing to stand up for us average, everyday citizens.

On her campaign trail, Gluesenkamp Perez said she was for the people, but she has shown us it was just empty promises to get her elected.

Everyone, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or other party affiliation, should have the right to express your lawful views and opinions. This is our First Amendment right that we should honor for all of us here in America. This vote adversely affects all Americans, and in my opinion, once started puts us on a slippery slope of our rights being infringed.

Frank Budd,