Letter to the Editor: Another Bait and Switch Pulled by Gluesenkamp Perez


Remember the sadistic acts of Lucy consistently snatching the football away just when Charlie Brown ran up to kick it in the Howard Schultz cartoon strip? She baits him, then switches the game, yanks the football out of the way and poor Charlie falls on his butt.

Lucy’s “bait and switch” looks ominously like what Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez has/is doing to members of the 3rd Congressional District right now.

In September of 2022, while on the campaign trail, Gluesenkamp Perez was quoted as saying that “she does not favor the ban of assault rifles.” So far in her tenure as our 3rd District member of the House of Representatives she has done the opposite of what she campaigned on each and every vote that has been presented on the floor of the House. I fully expect she will vote with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the America haters to implement this assault rifle/semi-automatic rifle band.

There is no reason to believe Gluesenkamp Perez’s campaign promises to “fight to make progress on the issues facing SW Washingtonians, defend democracy, put country before party, and level the playing field for working families like mine.”

Now she’s ensconced in the “Washington, D.C. bubble,” void of morals, ethics and integrity. She will vote with those that hate America and all it stands for. The hypocrisy here stinks.

Imagine what damage will be done in two years.

These incessant “gun control” ploys of the radical left-wing faction of our government will, if not stopped cold, lead to gun registration and subsequently gun confiscation, exactly like Hitler did in Nazi Germany prior to committing the genocide mentioned below.

Not being a student of history, dooms one to repeat it. As a prophetic reminder, the following countries enacted gun bans before committing ethnic cleansing/genocide in the 20th Century: Ottoman Turkey, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda and Cambodia.

Noah Webster said, “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every European nation.”

Jefferson expressed these things in the Declaration of Independence when he pointed to “certain unalienable rights” with which we have been endowed by our creator. These rights, including those guarded by the Second Amendment, are protected in the Bill of Rights.

Jefferson describes as “unalienable” in that they are inseparable from us — they are part of our humanity.

Members of the House must legislate knowing that gun rights are not like speed limits, school funding, defense spending or treaties with foreign countries. The government’s role is not to regulate such rights but to protect them in accordance with the Constitution. This is what our founders meant by the words, “Shall not be infringed.”

“Now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Rather, it is time to make sure incoming officeholders remember that our right to keep and bear arms comes to us via our creator and not from government,” so says Thomas Jefferson.

Neil Stewart,