Klein: NVN Fails Standard of Real News Reporting


Your Oct. 6 headline story was printed with a highlighted box of what I quote was “rumored” about my 2005 campaign for Yelm mayor. 

How is a story of rumors called “real news” when your reporter never contacted me for comment, nor listed sources or verification follow-up for his report. All was omitted under his claim of a deadline rush.

Publishing uncorroborated rumors and continued use of omissions by the Nisqually Valley News is irresponsible reporting and provides yet another grave disservice to your readers. Jim Zachary, regional editor for Georgia and Florida of Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. was quoted in your paper’s Op-Ed of the same edition titled: “Your Nisqually Valley News: The Real News Deal.” He stated, “Real newspapers reporting real news have never been more important or more valuable to readers and communities.” 

 If this story was not authenticated by publication time, why did the publisher not choose to postpone the article until the following week?

If  your newspaper is “The Real News Deal,” why is a rush to deadline the most important goal for publication, rather than accuracy in details?

Reporter Andrew Kollar just joined your newspaper out of college last May, yet you failed to support him in executing journalism standards on which you rest your laurels: fair and balanced reporting.  

The silver lining in all of this is that social media provides multiple sources that have become the prime news conduits for the public, as this did not pass the “real news” yardstick Mr. Zachary proclaims about the Nisqually Valley News!


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