JZ Knight’s Blu Room Expands World Wide

By Nisqually Valley News
Posted 3/9/17

JZ Knight, purported channeler of Ramtha and head of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment headquartered just outside Yelm city limits, invented what is called the Blu Room, and last year opened an …

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JZ Knight’s Blu Room Expands World Wide


JZ Knight, purported channeler of Ramtha and head of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment headquartered just outside Yelm city limits, invented what is called the Blu Room, and last year opened an office in Yelm.

Since then the Blu Room franchise has spread across the world. There are now 22 centers in Washington state, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico City, Tokyo and Germany. More U.S. locations are coming soon including Florida and Missouri, according to a press release from Knight’s publicist.

“The Blu Room is the result of a decades-long desire to help relieve the symptoms of a plethora of diseases,” stated Knight in a press release. “We want to alleviate suffering whether that be mental or physical using UVB medical light and Tesla Geometry. I am deeply humbled by the impressive effects the Blu Room has delivered for each individual who enters the room.”

According to information provided by Mike Wright, who is listed as operations manager for Blu Room Enterprises and a top advisor at Knight’s school, the Blu Room is based upon the metaphysical science of elsewhere — “on earth as it is in heaven.” The Blu Room creates an atmosphere that insulates the experiencer from the daily environment, according to Wright.

“It provides the participant with a mind/body/spirit consciousness lifting environment that can augment one’s state of creative focus,” Wright stated. “The Blu Room is an atmosphere created by the entire structure that reproduces a portion of the Ultraviolet Realm that JZ Knight, the inventor, experiences when she leaves her body and goes beyond the Light Realm.”

The release goes on to state the light starts with polarity, which is the origins of positive and negative. This feeds into concepts of good and bad, of morality and karma.

“To move in consciousness beyond the Light into UV Blue provides a period of calm, peace, and even joy in the absence of polarized thought,” Wright states. “In short, the Blu Room erases karma by providing an environment beyond the Light. All pathologies begin as polarized attitudes. When you remove the polarity, you make room for the greater mind to be present and observe a greater reality to be experienced in the body.”

The press release from Knight’s publicist offered two examples where Blu Room therapy has helped.

“Two combat veterans with PTSD have used the Blu Room and enjoyed  a new sense of calm,” the publicist stated. “Dale Vaughn, a Vietnam veteran, experienced years of nightmares. He was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered from the effects of Agent Orange.”

He began using the Blu Room in Yelm in late 2016.  

“It feels like I’m going to a place of peace,” Vaughn said. “The more you do that and stay in that you feel extremely loved and supported. You don’t feel judgmental toward yourself, you feel healthy and happy. That’s what I feel about it.”   

Cynthia Williams-Patnoe, a pilot who served in Afghanistan, returned home from the war and was struck by a pickup truck, suffering a traumatic brain injury. After trying physical and speech therapy, she started Blu Room treatments.

“The Blu Room was very peaceful and therapeutic,” Williams-Patnoe said.  

She went three to four times per week, for a total of about 20 sessions. She reported seeing visions of comfort.

“I was able to see into myself, seeing lots of eyes looking at me and being able to look back without having to fear, doves flying, beautiful experiences,” she said. “My short-term memory was coming back thanks to the Blu Room sessions.”


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