JZ Knight Talks UFOs, Aliens


Making her second public appearance in two months, JZ Knight opened the gates to the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment campus for a special event for Yelm’s first UFO Fest. 

She was a guest interviewee at the Triad Theater’s Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed Mountain to Sea Series hosted by Steve Craig on July 5. The audience consisted mainly of current and past students of RSE, although a show of hands indicated a handful of audience members were new to the campus. 

The speech on Saturday, hosted in the “Great Hall” on the campus of RSE, began with Knight’s reasoning behind the possible existence of UFOs, aliens and extraterrestrials.

“I would never presume that we are the only creations within this infinite vastness while we’re sitting out here in the boondocks on our own Milky Way,” Knight said. “I would never presume that we are the only beings that have ever lived.”

Knight then elaborated on the subject of her school and told the audience about the work she and her students do. She wants people to know RSE is about understanding every individual’s relationship with God and generating positivity, Knight said.

After briefing the audience about RSE, Knight said humanity is ignorant of the history about where and what humans came from because the U.S government has suppressed citizens from knowledge and because of it, we do not realize the dimensions around us. She continued to say there are multiple dimensions containing different time spans that are on different frequencies and therefore we are not able to see beings different than ourselves and even UFOs.

As a child, Knight would get frequent, unexplained nose bleeds and experience dreams that she was being lifted out of her body along with the ability to see beings that no one else could see. Her mother knew about this strange phenomena and told her to “keep it under her hat.” 

“Forever we have been chastised because we wonder. Forever we have been punished because we search. Forever we have been humiliated for our seeking greater knowledge,” Knight said.

Her life started to get more peculiar as she grew older. She recalled hosting a slumber party as a sophomore in high school that led to an alien abduction of seven high school girls. It was a night when the moon was blood-orange as the sun went down over the horizon. The last thing Knight remembered was her room lit up by flashes of bright strobe lights, causing her to believe she had been left behind during Rapture.

The entire recollection of the slumber party was “erased from their memory” for the duration of their high school years. Knight didn’t remember the slumber party until her graduation day. She later asked one of the other girls if they remembered the incident but the girl said she didn’t. Knight described the girl’s eyes getting big as she denied the recollection.

“I’ve always had strange things happen to me, too numerous to get into,” Knight said.

According to Knight, aliens and extraterrestrials are two different entities. Aliens are from somewhere other than Earth. They could be from a different galaxy, planet or another dimension and they do not share DNA with humans, while extraterrestrials are our progeny. 

“In a million years yourself will come back here and has been coming back here to change you,” Knight said. “Your future self sees where you and your culture and society led them and the earth to where they are in a million years.” 

There is a purpose according to Knight for the extraterrestrials visitation. The future beings can see the devastation that humanity is capable of and have come back to stop humanity from destroying themselves. 

She spoke about when UFOs visited the Midwest in the midst of the Cold War era to disarm all of the nuclear warheads. Knight also said the extraterrestrials turned nuclear warheads off in Russia, Turkey and England.

Technology has advanced since the Cold War era and Knight said the government is now capable of destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in midair with the government’s own UFO.

“We don’t need the visitors to do this anymore because we can do it ourselves,” Knight said.

Knight does not consider North Korea a nuclear threat because the U.S government is capable of destroying the ICBM before it can cause havoc. She called the news of North Korea “public food” because “It is never going to happen.” 

After explaining the purpose of extraterrestrials, Knight then talked about the different types of aliens that exist including the infamous “Lizard People.”

“There are aliens in terms of artificial intelligence, borderline robots that have been designed to work in our world,” Knight said.

The artificial beings are abducting people to harvest emotional DNA because they have lost the ability to feel emotion. These beings have also been in agreement with the government to protect the secrecy of the beings in exchange for technological information. The beings took the semen from men, impregnated women and took their unborn babies but Knight said they “aren’t there to hurt you.” 

“After three or four decades we have hybridization of an absolutely new colony of beings that look a little bit like us,” Knight said.

After Knight explained the different kinds of aliens, she went on to show multiple pictures of UFO sightings in pictures taken from her ranch just outside of Yelm city limits and all around the world as proof UFOs exist. She reported that UFOs frequently fly over her house and have managed to shake her chimney away from her roof.

As the subject of UFOs continued, Knight claimed the autopsy from the Roswell UFO crash is said to be an extraterrestrial, not an alien. The autopsy shows an extraterrestrial with six fingers that fit the controls of the UFO so perfectly the dashboard can read the pilot’s thoughts causing the aircraft to be piloted by mind control.

Knight explained the brain of an ET looks like branches or “cauliflower” and the controls of the UFO are stemmed to their brains. The craft is guided by their brain instead of using a yoke or other control mechanism to steer the spacecraft. The UFO crash in Roswell enabled the government to interview the ET, which helped advance the government’s technology and enabled them to have their own space fleet, Knight said.

As Knight wrapped up her speech, she told the audience to remain curious and touched on her philosophy that the human experience does not allow enough time for the conscious to fully develop and the body acts as a temporary suit, energized by the human spirit.

“In our life we are going to leave this body because we will hear this one out, we are the ones who energize this body. … One day we will be advanced enough to walk along these beings,” Knight said.


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