JZ Knight an Asset To The Nisqually Valley



The question is, how can we be a thriving community?

One that tolerates cultivating our individual integrity. Do we allow unsubstantiated toxic rumors to persuade us?

Individuals have been expressing strong public opinions, airing grievances in an effort to degrade.

Freedom allows. A cohesive community doesn’t mean we all think or act in the same manner. Tolerance means not condemning our neighbor.

Each individual has the right to experience their own spiritual truth. Using discernment in accordance with one’s own inner guidance. Defining God through self awareness. Having a greater mind and connectedness that propels one forward, to a higher standard and evolution of living.

I for one, am no one’s pawn. A college educated free thinking sovereign individual.

These people do not need to express concern for my well being. Explicitly, when their concerns are steeped with distortions and manipulations of the truth. Genuine concern isn’t about spewing hearsay and unproven allegations. The real threat is the erroneous information.

JZ Knight has been an asset to this community, donating large amounts of money to our EMS system. We all benefit from better fire and medical attention. Yelm isn’t exactly a destination spot. The Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment brings in an influx of money due to visitors from around the world. Even during difficult economic times our community prospers.

At JZ Rose you are treated with dignity whether you purchase a 50 cent item or $500 item.

Anyone can be made to look bad when the truth is distorted or taken out of context.

Deb Voyles



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