Herbalist Opens Shop on Yelm Avenue

By Daniel Warn / dan@yelmonline.com
Posted 5/25/21

There’s an old troupe in classic literature where a witch who lives in a hut mixes salves and potions out of the herbs she grows in an enchanted forest garden.

Joy Hiebert, of Yelm’s …

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Herbalist Opens Shop on Yelm Avenue


There’s an old troupe in classic literature where a witch who lives in a hut mixes salves and potions out of the herbs she grows in an enchanted forest garden.

Joy Hiebert, of Yelm’s natural skincare shop BeJoyful Holistics, shares more than a little bit with these fictional matrons, taking herbs and mixing them to create salves and serums of her own to present to area residents at her newly opened business location at 512 Yelm Ave. No. 2.

“Technically, I guess, I’d be a witch,” Hiebert said. “I always say that if I had lived back then, I definitely would have been burned. I don’t do, like, spells. Some people are way into that. It’s not like that. … It’s all about taking the natural elements and creating rituals. People are really into the whole ‘witchy thing’ and I poke fun at it.”

And Hiebert was trained by a woman that fits the witchy description almost exactly. After realizing that she wanted to focus on holistic skin care in her esthetics school, Hiebert did some research and found a small business that taught herbalism.

The matron of the business was Ophelia Richards, a little, old woman who would spend hours teaching Hiebert about herbs in her garden, though Hiebert didn’t disclose whether Richards’ garden was in an enchanted forest or not.

“We would sit and mix things together,” Hiebert said. “She had a garden and she’d be like, ‘Do you know what this plant is?’ I’d be like, ‘No.’  And she’d be like, ‘Do you know what it can be used for?’ … We dabbled. It was very hands-on.”

Richards would teach her about all the uses of each herb, and they would bend over their pestles and mix up medicinal concoctions together.

“I was just mind-blown” that such simple things could be used in so many ways, Hiebert said of the knowledge she gained from Richards.

One of the plants that Hiebert was especially surprised by was the dandelion.

“Do you know all the uses for dandelion?” Hiebert asked. “We throw it away, we pick it, we get rid of it, but it’s incredible. That’s what she taught me.”

Dandelions can be used for eczema, soreiosis, extreme dry skin, insomnia and more. The plant is so impressive that Hiebert has created a salve for men from the stuff that does not leave a sticky residue on the skin.

Once her tutelage concluded, Hiebert took her mortar and pestle, her mixing bowls and herbs and opened up BeJoyful Holistics out of her own house about five years ago. The business was so successful that when the location on Yelm Avenue opened up, Hiebert knew exactly what she was going to do.

“This came open and we jumped at it,” she said, adding that opening up her own shop has always been a dream of hers. “It’s super exciting.”

Hiebert opened the location up for customers on April 1 after she put in new floors, painted and installed new ceilings.

Back when she was in esthetics school, before she met her venerable mentor, Hiebert had a vision for her witch-like future when she took a small unit on holistic skin care.

“This was before natural, holistic (products) hit mainstream, and it really caught my attention,” Hiebert said. “It was just about essential oils. It was very simple, but I started asking questions to my professors and they were like, ‘this is not going to go anywhere.’ But I didn’t agree. I didn’t agree at all.”

It’s a good thing she disagreed, because Hiebert now has more than 100 all-natural, personally designed and self-mixed products at her disposal to enchant area residents with.

Another classic troupe of literary witches would be the quest for eternal youth, and Hiebert has conjured just the ticket.

“My very first product that I made was my ‘Fountain of Youth’ serum,” she said, “It’s one of my biggest sellers. The ‘Fountain of Youth,’ in general, has a high content of hyaluronic acid, which we naturally produce in our bodies. I believe that if we produced enough of it, we would look young forever.”

The “Fountain of Youth” has a whole line at BeJoyful, including a cleanser, toner, mask, serum and two different kinds of moisturizers.

“Another one of my big sellers is my Suzie Q Miracle Cream,” Hiebert said. “This product can literally be used for anything. ... It was created for zits. So you apply it on a zit (at night) and it kills bacteria. … When you wake up in the morning, it will almost be gone.”

Clients have told her the zinc-based cream works on ringworm and mosquito bites.

Hiebert said the Pacifc Northwest has so many plants that can be used that many have no idea what applications they have.

“It’s right at our disposal, and we don’t know it,” Hiebert said. “That’s what I try to teach my clients, that we have so much here that’s natural, that we don’t always have to turn to chemical products. This is so much better for you.”

Hiebert said her products are versatile and can be used for many applications, though she does work to find the right product for each individual. She also gives out free samples.

“You can come in, and I will do a skin consult,” she said. “I would say, ‘Here are some cleansers that I think will be good for you so try it first,’ and kind of go from there.”

She also said she works to find products for people with scents pleasing to them.

“I am really big on smell,” Hiebert said. “If you get a product and you’re like, ‘Ew, that’s not (good),’ then that’s not the right product for you. You really want products to resonate well with you because you are going to be doing rituals every day.”

BeJoyful Holistics also offers 37, mostly skin-related, all-natural services. Brow restoration is a big focus, Hiebert said, with services that include brow designs, tints, laminations and microblading. Hiebert also offers peels, facials, the removal of skin irregularities, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, intensive foot massage, waxing and lash work, among other services.

Ultimately, Hiebert just wants to bring joy to others.

“One of the things I say is ‘be joyful always,’” Hiebert said. “Be joyful in your current situation, because if you’re not, what is life all about? This is my joy. This is my happy place for sure. … I want people to be happy with themselves.”

But she wants all that joy to be more than fleeting feelings. She wants it to last, and achieving her dream of starting her own shop brings her one salve closer to the completion of that mission. 

“I am obsessed. I eat, live and breathe this business. I take inspiration from literally every part of my life. It is very important to me that I finally reached my goal. My family have all died – my parents, my siblings – so I am the only one left. Somewhere, I wanted to make it for myself and carry on my family’s legacy and have something to leave behind.”


Learn more at bejoyfulholistics.com.


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