Heartwood Haven’s ‘Hearts of Hooves’ Fundraiser Raises Over $26,000


Heartwood Haven, an animal sanctuary based in Roy, recently held its third annual “Hearts of Hooves” online fundraiser to support its ongoing rescue efforts.

While the fundraiser fell short of its $30,000 goal, the auction raised $26,642.23.

The organization has been busy lately due to a large number of pigs taken in from a cruelty case and the funds will provide much-needed medical care for its rescued animals.

“It has been incredibly challenging this year with the rescue,” Kate Tsyrklevich, Heartwood Haven’s executive director, said. “The auction has made medical care for all the animals possible.”

In January, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon confiscated 71 pigs and 16 goats following felony cruelty charges. The animals were discovered in a barren field, surrounded by the decomposing bodies of their deceased companions who had succumbed to starvation. Heartwood Haven, known for its commitment to rescuing animals from cruelty, neglect and abandonment, took on the emergency rescue operation.

Since the rescue, the number of pigs has increased to 95, with several giving birth at the sanctuary. Heartwood Haven stepped in to care for the animals to prevent them from being adopted by backyard breeders who might have used them for slaughter.

The pigs and goats have undergone spay and neuter procedures with the help of Center Valley Animal Rescue, Pasado’s Safe Haven and Oregon State University. Once fully recovered, they will be ready for adoption into loving homes.

“The animals have experienced unimaginable trauma,” Tsyrklevich said. “However, they are making incredible progress and are making up for lost time. We are overjoyed that these beautiful and intelligent individuals will finally have the chance to experience love and care.”

The Hearts of Hooves online fundraiser has been a vital source of support for Heartwood Haven’s rescue efforts. When asked about the auction’s significance this year, Tsyrklevich said the funds have been instrumental in providing medical care for all of the animals and to ensure their well-being.

To make the auction a success, Heartwood Haven reached out to businesses, artists, crafters and supporters in the community to ask them to donate items.

“I think that people are still learning about our organization,” Tsyrklevich said. “We could use more community support.”

Heartwood Haven also organizes various campaigns throughout the year, like Valenswines, Sponsor a Turkey and Holiday Campaigns.

Heartwood Haven has helped rescue animals since 2017 and has helped find over 1,400 animals new homes.

“We can always use volunteers, donors and adopters,” Tsyrklevich said.

Those interested in learning more about the sanctuary or the rescued animals can contact Tsyrklevich at kate@heartwoodhaven.org or Hope Hilman at info@heartwoodhaven.org.

Additional information about Heartwood Haven can be found on its website at heartwoodhaven.org.