Heartwood Haven in Roy Helps Rescue 71 Animals After Cruelty Investigation


Heartwood Haven, an animal sanctuary, embarked on an emergency rescue after the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon confiscated 71 pigs and 16 goats following felony cruelty charges in January.

Since then, several pigs have given birth, increasing the number even further to 95, Heartwood Haven stated in a news release. This spurred the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office to reach out to the Roy-based sanctuary for help.

“The animals were found in a barren field,” stated the release. “Around them lay the decomposing bodies of their friends and family members. They died from starvation.”

The animals who were still alive were malnourished and skinny.

Heartwood Haven said the animals were at risk of being adopted by backyard breeders who could have slaughtered them.

Heartwood Haven has worked with Center Valley Animal Rescue, Pasado’s Safe Haven, and Oregon State University to have all of the pigs spayed and neutered. After that, they will be ready to find new homes.

“These animals have been through unimaginable trauma,” said Kate Tsyrklevich, Heartwood Haven’s executive director. “But now, they are making up for lost time and they are making quick progress. We are beyond excited that these beautiful and intelligent individuals will finally have a chance to feel loved and cared for.”

Heartwood Haven has a mission to rescue animals from cruelty, neglect and abandonment. The organization tries to find the animals homes and advocates for adoption.

Since starting its rescue operation in 2017, the release stated Heartwood Haven has helped over 1,400 animals.

For more information about the sanctuary or the rescued animals, contact Tsyrklevich at kate@heartwoodhaven.org or Hope Hilman at info@heartwoodhaven.org. For more information about Heartwood Haven, go online to heartwoodhaven.org.