Gun Rights Coalition to Rally at State Capitol


The Gun Rights Coalition will descend on the Washington State Capitol from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Jan. 17 as it plans to rally for gun rights at the start of a new legislative session. 

The event is hosted by Rick Halle, national coordinator and founder of the Gun Rights Coalition, and Allen Acosta, a retired military officer and the legislative team leader for the Gun Rights Coalition. 

According to a press release, speakers will include community leaders, elected officials and leadership from pro-Second Amendment organizations.

“Gun control racist roots harm minority communities and women by creating barriers to inherent right to self defense,” the organization said in the press release. “Those that support gun control are progressing backwards to time of racial divide where gun control was used to legislate freed slaves defenseless. These gun control legislation, I-1639, ERPO laws, will continue to create racial inequality, racial-economic stratification and violate human rights.”

“The government has forgotten that quickly testing rape kits is one tool that can help reduce crime and provide justice for the victims,” said Allen Acosta. “Instead the government prefers to reduce a potential victim’s right to self-protection.”

For more information, contact Acosta at or 360-556-4642.


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