Grannies, Ice Chips Crew Love Yelm; Business Moved Due to Warehouse Space



The grannies and the entire Ice Chips crew would like to weigh in on the rumor there is a rift between Ice Chips Candy and Yelm city leadership.

There is not! We love Yelm!

It is where we live and where we still have a manufacturing site for our natural skin care line, Naked Newt (located between Yelm and Rainier outside of city limits).

Ice Chips needed a new building. That is true. But we needed a much bigger building than we even knew. At this time Yelm has not developed large, open warehouse space with accompanying offices. I believe someday the city will, and when that happens these two grannies will bring Ice Chips home. Any idea we were driven out of the city by an uncooperative city leadership is not factual.

We are happy to report our large Yelm workforce made the move with us. Most of us drive about 20 miles or less to get to work and we enjoy the scenery, the quiet contemplation time, and the fabulous building we have in Tumwater. Our roots, our homes and our hearts are firmly settled in Yelm.

We honestly thank folks for their concern but there is no issue between the Grannies, Mayor Ron Harding and this city we love so much.

Anyone want a tour of the new factory? Just give us a call.

Bev Vines-Haines

Co-owner, Ice Chips



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