Eventually Justice Will Be Served Against Vigilantes



Religious scholar Gordon Melton has identified about 2,500 different religious or faith community groups in the United States, about half of which are “nonconventional.”

That makes this country one of the most spiritually diverse countries in the world and throughout history. But some people are threatened by diversity. They use the word “cult” for any group they deem to be unacceptable from their point of belief. The C-word is a four-letter word for any belief someone doesn’t like.

Virginia Coverdale and David McCarthy have used the word “cult” to stigmatize Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, encourage discrimination against me, and to scare people away from associating with RSE. They uploaded edited videos to YouTube and elsewhere in order to portray RSE as something it is not. If you don’t like the satire of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, you would not understand Ramtha’s satire either.

Sociologists Douglas Cowan and David Bromley have stated that the word “cult” is a convenient shorthand for a group of people in order to present them as dangerous in the media and that the use of the word carries an unrelentingly negative connotation.

Catherine Wessinger, a professor of religious studies at Loyola University in New Orleans, has written that the C-word is just as derogatory as slurs about people of color, women or homosexuals. Now who is the bigot?

I am not Ramtha. Ramtha is not political. I am. If you cannot accept that a consciousness or a spirit is different than the body it occupies, if you are not interested in the implications of reincarnation, if you don’t believe in strong women having a role and a voice in the political process, then you will probably vote Republican anyhow.

Modern-day, right-wing extremists may not wear hooded robes or burn crosses, but their vigilante activities continue. The history of the human rights movement shows that eventually justice is served against vigilantes who try to skirt the rule of law upon that this country was founded.

JZ Knight



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