Electromagnetic Radiation Could Harm the Yelm Community



Everybody loves the convenience of their wireless technology: cellphones, iPads, Wi-Fi, smart meters and so on. All that portable information and communication with no cables or strings, right?

Nothing to see, therefore nothing to worry about. Well, sadly, this is not the case, as is revealed by the accumulating research data too numerous to list here but easily accessed by a simple Internet search on the effects of unnatural electromagnetic radiation (EMR), i.e. emissions from telecommunications transmissions, on people, plants and animals.

As a medical doctor who specialized in the electromagnetic effects on the human body, I am very familiar with the potential harmful effects. The human body and all living things are electromagnetic systems, the healthy functioning of which can be interfered with by external electromagnetic radiation, all the more so with increasing strength, frequency and duration of exposure. The list of health issues found to be increased in studies on people working or living within or near EMRs is wide ranging. Sleep disturbances, nervous disease, leukemia, lymphomas and other cancers — not to mention those with EMR hypersensitivity whose lives are ruined in the effort to try to isolate themselves from its effects — are all examples. As for the environment, for instance, EMRs can affect bees and bird flight and migration as it is thought to interfere with their brain’s homing ability.

With expansion of wireless technology, I am concerned that we are becoming increasingly bathed 24/7 in EMRs not natural to our environment. In addition, there is valid evidence that children are especially susceptible, by virtue of their thinner skull bones and developing brains. Are we considering all of this enough in our implementation and use of wireless technology? The fact that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have prohibited the use of human health effects as argument against the placement of cell towers, would indicate that we are not. Yet, the FCC will consider such negative impacts as unsightly view, environmental and livestock damage.

At least we can refrain from using our personal wireless gadgets. If we wish, we can mitigate by unplugging the Wi-Fi, cellphone and remote, but not a cell tower that emits non-stop day and night and often with several transmitters for each telecom company.

For all of the above reasons, I chose to live in a location where there is no cellphone coverage and no cell towers. Now that may be about to change. The proposed new cell tower at Weyerhaeuser Road (parcel #23505000000, Yelm) should it go ahead, will expose me, my loved ones, neighbors, animals and environment to the unwanted risks of cell tower wireless radiation.

Cornelia O’Leary, M.D.



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