‘Are Foster and Her Attorney Fronts for JZ Knight?’ Letter Is Based on Innuendos



In response to the June 6 letter of Ed Rhodes titled, referencing Yelm resident Sara Foster’s citizen’s appeal of Yelm’s water rights granted by the Department of Ecology, here are the facts:

1. JZ Knight uses no “fronts.” If she had an issue with Yelm’s water rights, she would have brought this forth on her own. She is a public figure who can defend herself.

2. Knight’s previous issue with the city of Yelm was approving water rights for five developments without proving water availability at the time of plat applications. Her case went all the way to the Washington Supreme Court, who sided with her in a 7-2 decision, which is now a landmark ruling in this state.

3. Knight has had no issue with the city of Yelm on its new well because they drilled 700 feet into the aquifer, eliminating impact to the shallower 50-foot well depths of neighboring property owners.

4. Knight has always championed anyone that has a grievance with government to speak up and be a participant in the democratic process, as with Foster. However, Knight was not involved in any way with Foster and her “Downstreamers” group.

5. In Foster’s case, an Amicus Brief (friend of the court) was also filed on behalf of the Carnegie Group and CELP (Center for Environmental Law & Policy), Washington’s water watchdog, protecting streams, rivers and aquifers. These groups found that Foster’s lawsuit was not frivolous and had merit.

Mr. Rhodes’ assertions were incendiary. They were based on innuendo, rumor, and hearsay rather than facts, which could have easily been verified by accessing any number of Internet sites about this case, or a simple phone call to Foster’s attorney. As Mr. Rhodes said, “Let’s all of us be good neighbors.” Doesn’t that include doing some research rather than disparaging Knight unjustly?

Steve Klein

Manager, Event Services

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment


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