‘An Evening of Opera and Song’: Local Singers to Host Post-Thanksgiving Musical Performance


A quartet of local musicians will take to the Yelm Community Center Saturday, Nov. 30, for “An Evening of Opera and Song,” a collection of music organized and produced by RC Publications.

Bob Corl, a local professionally-trained opera singer and owner of RC, will lead the group’s performance, which starts at 7 p.m.

A founder of Olympia-based Opera Pacifica and a regular performer at The Triad Theater, Corl invites everyone — opera aficionado or not — to this post-Thanksgiving performance to share the warmth of the season's greetings.

And make sure to leave your tuxedos at home.

“What’s special is that it’s for the people. It’s less of a formal thing,” Corl said. “This a concert for everybody. You don’t have to be an opera lover, you just have to want to be entertained.”

Tickets will be available for purchase for $15, cash or check, at the door.

Instruments will include guitar and light pre-recorded tracks to accompany the singers.

Corl, a 20-year Yelm resident, will sing tenor and will be joined by his wife Heidi Corl, who will sing mezzo, and Shelly Traverse and Sonia Pena singing soprano. Three of the performers are locals, with Traverse traveling in to Yelm from Seattle.

“It’s a combination of opera and more popular music,” Corl said. “You don’t often hear opera singers in a small town like Yelm.”

The featured selection of music includes pieces from “La boheme” and “La traviata,” as well as smaller interpretations of popular songs such as Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli’s “Perfect Symphony.”

Corl said he estimates the program will be about two hours long and will include a brief intermission.

Corl and his wife have been playing duets together for many years. The duo has also been involved in local and regional theatrical and musical productions.

“We often play at local open mics, we play at shows at the Triad and I’ve performed lots of operas at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts,” he said.

For more information on the event, visit RC Publication’s Facebook page.


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