Julian Garcia

Eagle Scout candidate Julian Garcia stands next to the thermometer that shows the success of a blood drive he organized in Yelm.

Editor’s Note: On Saturday, March 24, Yelm’s Julian Garcia organized a blood drive as part of his effort to become an Eagle Scout. Here’s his account of the blood drive.

Wow! What a day. We really do have an amazing community. 

When this Eagle Scout’s journey began, I set a goal of 50 people not knowing what to expect from this little town of Yelm. 

I have to say you all really stepped up and showed that selfless love still exists within our community. The response was completely overwhelming. The official count was 94 donors coming in to see us on the 24th. There was a total 75 units of blood collected which totals up to 225 lives that were saved that day.

I would like to send out a special thank you to Lynnette Manning at Bloodworks Northwest for scrambling to arrange a second bus on short notice to accommodate all of you wonderful people, and to Debra Baker at Crossroads Community Covenant Church for helping to arrange the venue to host the blood drive at your building. It was the perfect venue.  

Thank you to the City of Yelm for allowing us to put an ad up on your reader board and to all the small businesses in town that help us get the word out by putting up flyers in your store windows. Thank you to all the volunteers that came out and helped hold signs, hand out food and help set everything up: Ruben Cortinas, Bryce Benson, Sean and Catherine Conley, Megan Garcia, Paige Escobedo, Jared Pacheco, Colton Franz and Tysley Yeagley. Thank you for giving up your Saturday to help this event run smoothly.

Due to the huge response we ran out of time toward the end of the day to get everyone in that wanted to donate. If you didn’t get the opportunity to donate you can still donate at the Olympia Bloodworks Northwest office located at 1220 Eastside St. SE, Olympia, for the next two weeks and reference Sponsor Code 493A to be included in this epic blood drive.

Again, Thank you to this entire community for supporting me and making this a huge success. I am very humbled by the generosity of our community.

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