Girls Basketball: Kentridge @ Yelm

FILE PHOTO — Image from a 3A girls basketball game between Yelm and Kentridge played at Yelm High School last month. 

Results were mixed for the Lady Tornados’ fourth week in Siuth Sound Conference play with a 70-51 win against Timberline and a 56-39 loss to Gig Harbor that brought an end to Yelm’s five-game undefeated streak in league. 

The Tornados were ready for success on Wednesday, Jan. 8, as they hosted the Timberline Blazers (1-5, SSC). 

Yelm caught fire in the first half, outscoring their opponents 38-17. The Tornados were outscored by one point in the third and fourth quarters, but would ultimately claim the win. 

Both seniors Maddie Plevyak and Isabella Foxley had a great night scoring. Plevyak led Yelm in scoring with 23 total points and Foxley contributed 16. 

Plevyak went 4-for-4 on 2-pointers and junior center Bayleigh Harder went 4-for-5 under the net. 

Foxley proved resolute from the foul line and sank five of her eight shots. Junior Samantha Rohwedder also went 6-for-10. 

Plevyak tallied five steals and five assists against Timberline. 

On Friday, Jan. 10, Gig Harbor (5-1, SSC) hosted the Tornados after receiving their first SSC loss to No. 1 Capital. 

The Tornados couldn’t seem to hit the basket, and ended the night going 12-for-52 from the field. 

Rohwedder held down the team with 10 points.

Both Plevyak and junior My’Kel Jones scored eight points for the Tornados. Jones tallied two 3-pointers while Plevyak found success from within the arch. 

Yelm now stand 5-1 in the conference and 8-4 overall. 


First Half Season Stats

Total Points: Plevyak, 232; Jones, 115; Harder, 106; Foxley, 89; Tustison, 80; Cebula, 65; Rohwedder, 65; Miskimens, 27. 

Points per Game: Plevyak, 19.3; Jones, 9.6; Harder, 8.8; Foxley, 7.4; Rohwedder, 7.2; Tustison, 6.7; Cebula, 5.4; Miskimens, 2.3. 

Shooting Percentage: Foxley, 49 percent; Plevyak, 47 percent; Miskimens, 45 percent; Rohwedder, 45 percent; Cebula, 44 percent; Tustison, 42 percent; Harder, 40 percent; Jones, 38 percent. 

Free Throw Percentage: Miskimens, 83 percent; Plevyak, 80 percent; Rohwedder, 73 percent; Harder, 71 percent; Tustison, 62 percent; Foxley, 61 percent; Cebula, 50 percent; Jones, 39 percent. 

Assists: Plevyak, 40; Jones, 33; Cebula, 25; Tustison, 24; Harder, 20; Foxley, 18; Miskimens, 16; Rohwedder, 10. 


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