Clad in her Team USA gear, Sara LeMay poses for a photo. She will compete on Team USA’s Roller Derby team this July at the World Roller Games.

A pair of Yelm High School alumni will take the international stage by storm once again by participating on Team USA in the Word Roller Games, an 11-day international competition that plays host to roller-styled sports of all kinds and where 81 countries compete. 

Kaylee Logan, 19, will compete along with 10 other Team USA athletes in rink hockey. Sara LeMay, 27, will compete in the roller derby alongside her team of 20. The competition runs July 4 through July 14. 


Former Yelm High School alumna Kaylee Logan plays in an international game against the Indian national team.

This is the second appearance for both women at the second biennial World Roller games, which will be held in Barcelona. Both girls say this event has given them and the sports they love a larger-than-life platform to compete. Spain is host to a generous roller-sport culture as well. 

The sports have taken the two all over the world. 

“I know people from all around the world just because of this sport,” LeMay said. 

Both started roller sports at an early age. When LeMay was 5, she started inline skating, but quickly turned to roller derby toward the end of high school. She still credits inline skating for starting her athletic career. 


Kaylee Logan plays defensively during a Team USA rink hockey game against Chile.

“That was my main passion … I actually even competed at outdoors nationals last year in inline speed skating,” she said. 

One of the reasons LeMay got into roller derby was because it made for a great stress reliever. Roller derby is a contact sport played between two teams that skate around counter clockwise. Think NASCAR racing, except that physical contact is encouraged. 

“I really liked hitting people. It was a nice way to take my aggression out,” LeMay said. “It’s not just the burly women with tattoos. You can be any shape, any size.” 

It’s also empowering, LeMay said, even to this day.

Her team is also quite noteworthy. The adult-league Team USA placed first in roller derby during the 2017 World Roller Games. They were also named Roller Sports Team of the Year. 

LeMay currently lives in Colorado Springs while her sister, Logan, lives on the East Coast. Working as a full-time banker and being the mother of a 3-year-old can make competing difficult, but she said she finds the time. 

“My training is a little different than others. I tend to chase around my daughter at the park,” she said. 

LeMay said she almost wasn’t going to go this year because of the time and financial commitment required. Her daughter is also competing in junior gymnastics. 

But she’s decided to make the trip to Spain. 

Logan, currently a walk-on rower at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, said she’s excited to compete again for Team USA’s rink hockey team. 

She said she’s excited to experience a new take on the technical sport and see each nation’s spin on the sport. 

“For rink hockey there, it’s a huge event and there’s so much support for it. So much support that we don’t see here,” Logan said. “And to just see this new culture is what I’m excited about and what’s going to stick out this year for me … You are like a celebrity. I couldn’t walk anywhere in my USA gear without getting asked for autographs.” 

At 14, Area Speed Skater Will Represent Team USA in Barcelona

Logan has been on Team USA since she was 14 years old, and this will be her fourth world championship event for rink hockey. Competition has taken her to France, Chile and China.

“When I was 14 and I got to compete, I was competing against full grown women. I was completely out of my league,” she said. 

Both Logan and LeMay will be competing in the 14 and up age bracket. 

Although her team is young this year, Logan is confident they’ll be able to compete. She’ll likely step into a leadership role going into the World Roller Games. 

“I know how intimidating it can be, but we’ll just go out there and give it our best,” Logan said.  

LeMay said she wanted to praise her coach, Kelly Springer, who is also the Team USA inline speed skating coach. 

Both athletes will need assistance funding their trip to the World Roller Games. Both have set up GoFundMe campaigns in order to mitigate the financial burden of the trip. Logan’s fund can be found at www.gofundme.com/kaylee-logan-for-world-roller-games. LeMay’s campaign can be found at www.gofundme.com/6qlxn3s?sharetype=teams&member.

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