Yelm pitcher Tayelyn Cutler winds up for a throw Friday in the first inning of their game against Southridge.

Senior Calli Jesmer had a superb Friday morning at the plate.

Not only did the Yelm senior sock two of the team's three home runs, but she also opened up opportunities for the Tornados to find a second-inning lead and win it out 7-0 against Southridge in the first round of the girls softball 3A state championships. 

Tayelyn Cutler pitched a no-hitter for Yelm and walked away with her own home run to boot. The senior pitched all seven innings, striking out 14 and walking nine. 

Yelm (19-5) will advance to the quarterfinal round and face Lake Washington (10-4) at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 24 at the Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey. 

Freshman Molly Embrey, junior Cydney Jarvis and freshman Elena Castanon each tallied a run for the Tornados. 

The Tornados were also sure-handed in the field and didn't commit a single error. 


Yelm’s Calli Jesmer jogs in to home after hitting her second home run against Southridge. The Yelm senior found three hits on three at bats.


Cydney Jarvis preps for a high ball during Yelm's second inning against Southridge. The Tornados' 7-0 win against Southridge bumps them up to the quarter finals of the 3A state tournament.


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