Two tough opponents. Two different outcomes. 

Yelm was poised to make a statement against No. 1 Capital (6-1, 10-3 overall) on Wednesday, Jan. 15, and they may have well done just that despite losing 50-46 in a game that came down to the final minutes of play. 

But unlike Friday’s 75-57 win against No. 2 Gig Harbor (5-2, 10-3 overall), the Tornados were unable to keep the momentum churning and burned out in the final minutes of play against Capital. 

“It was the last few minutes of turnovers. The guys have to know that if you’re down, you got to just go,” said Head Coach Sterling Carter. “You can’t have second guesses, you can’t be wanting to get the ball out of your hands, especially if you’re one of our best shooters.”

Yelm now sits at 1-6 in the SSC and 5-8 overall. The Tornados have stayed competitive all season long despite what the box scores say. 

Slowly but surely, the Tornados are working to combat a fourth-quarter curse. 

“This is like a playoff game to us,” Carter said. “Just them being in this game gave them a lot more confidence to continue on with the season.” 

Senior Yelm guard Bob Peterson led the team in scoring with 10 points. 

Senior small forward James Wildish and junior small forward Terelle Dunn also had a decent night for the Tornados, with both contributing 8 points. Dunn was strong under the net and Wildish contributed heavily on 3-point opportunities. 

Yelm went 6-for-22 against Capital on 3-pointers after going 12-for-22 against Gig Harbor the night before. 

Friday’s victory against Gig Harbor at home was seen as one of the biggest upsets in the SSC this year. Yelm outscored their rivals from across The Narrows 20-11 in the first quarter. Gig Harbor was 0-for-9 on 3-pointers by the end. 

As teams enter the final stretch of the season, Yelm in particular will be looking for redemption on the final stretch. 

The Tornados host Shelton on Wednesday, Jan. 22, and will be hungry for a win. Earlier this season, Shelton hosted Yelm and clinched a 60-59 win. 

Yelm will then host Peninsula on Friday, Jan. 24. 

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