Bouncing back from a 68-63 loss to Capital (8-0, 11-3), the Tornados dismantled the North Thurston Rams (1-7, 2-12) on Friday, Jan. 17, by a score of 80-45. 

South Sound Conference No. 1 Capital hosted Yelm on Wednesday, Jan. 15, for a regular league matchup. Both teams started out scoring 16 points in the first quarter, with Yelm leading 55-41 going into the final stretch. 

But the Capital Cougars caught fire in the fourth quarter, outscoring Yelm 27-8 to take the win. 

For the Tornados, senior Maddie Plevyak and junior Bayleigh Harder led their team in scoring with 13 points each. 

Plevyak was five of six on two-point shots. 

Overall, Yelm went 26-for-63 on field goal opportunities. 

Both seniors Imani Tustison and Isabella Foxley held steady on free throws. Tustison went 4-for-5 and Foxley went 2-for-2. 

Tustison also led her team in assists with 5. 

Yelm rallied back at home on Friday against the Rams, outscoring their low-ranked opponents 30-5 in the final quarter for extra measure. 

Plevyak and junior My’Kel Jones led the Tornados in scoring with 21 and 17 points, respectively. 

Jones was 5-for-12 from three-point range. 

Turstison was also consistent on the court. She went 5-for-9 on total field goals against the Rams. 

Again, Plevyak proved consistent from close range. She went 6-for-8 on two-pointers. 

Yelm is 6-2 in the SSC and 9-5 overall. The team is also 6-2 at home and 3-3 away. 


Season Stats

Total Points: Plevyak, 266; Jones, 143; Harder, 125; Tustison, 103; Foxley, 97; Rohwedder, 77; Cebula, 77; Miskimens, 31; Carrier, 3. 

Total Assists: Plevyak, 46; Jones, 36; Cebula, 30; Tustison, 29; Harder, 25; Foxley, 23; Miskimens, 19; Rohwedder, 14; Carrier, 1. 

Average Points per Game: Plevyak, 19; Jones, 10.2; Harder, 8.9; Tustison, 7.4; Rohwedder, 7.0; Foxley, 6.9; Cebula, 5.5; Miskimens, 2.2; Carrier, 0.8. 

Shooting Percentage: Miskimens, 48 percent; Foxley, 46 percent; Plevyak, 46 percent; Cebula, 44 percent; Tustison, 43 percent; Rohwedder, 42 percent; Harder, 39 percent; Jones, 38 percent; Carrier, 20 percent. 

Free Throw Percentage: Miskimens, 83 percent; Plevyak, 78 percent; Rohwedder, 75 percent; Harder, 71 percent; Foxley, 64 percent; Tustison, 64 percent; Cebula, 50 percent; Jones, 39 percent. 

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