Yelm cross country runners warm up on the track before starting work on a 2.9-mile relay around campus during practice earlier this month. 

The Yelm boys cross country team took first in the 2-mile event during their first 3A South Sound Conference meet at Shelton on Wednesday, Sept. 11. 

Junior Yelm runner Bryce Cerkowniak led the pack by roughly 21 seconds, placing first with a time of 10:01.51. The time is about 13 seconds off the leading junior’s personal record of 9:49.9, according to stats posted by event coordinators.

Sophomore Ethan Coon placed fourth for the Tornados with a time of 10:48.40. Junior Kelan Herness, another standout Yelm runner, narrowly clinched a ninth-place finish, besting Gig Harbor’s Timothy Isenberg by .13 seconds with a time of 11:09.19. 

Sophomore Ryan Lange and senior Jacob Barnert also made notable strides Wednesday at Lake Isabella State Park. In one of his first high school appearances, Lange finished 13th with a personal record time of 11:22.52. Barnert had a 17th-place finish of 11:32.08. 

Other notable runners for Yelm included senior Logan Faber (37th; 12:22.51), sophomore Calum Thornhill (38th; 12:24.31) and senior Luke Martin (56th; 13:11.66). 

On the girls side, the Yelm cross country team placed fourth out of the five South Sound teams on the course with an aggregate score of 115 in the 2-mile event. 

Junior and team leader Kya Ramirez placed 15th with a time of 14:28.36. Gabriella Willadsen, a standout freshman for the Yelm team, was close behind, placing 17th with a time of 14:58.22. 

While the Yelm girls team didn’t take a top finish, they had the smallest time spread out of any of their competition. 

Other notable runners for Yelm included sophomore Kaylee Faber (29th; 15:41.55), junior Lenna Miskimens (32nd; 15:49.16), senior Anna Thaler (35th; 16:02.12), freshman Natalie Webster (36th; 16:02.97), senior Elizabeth Unruh (37th; 16:03.83), junior Alyssa Brown (55th; 17:26.36), freshman Anzley Wevodau (86th; 19:56.26) and Samantha Longfellow (92nd; 24:44.36). 



Rainier Boys and Girls Finish Well at Onalaska

In their first appearance at the 2B Central opener at Onalaska, the Rainier boys cross country team placed second at the 5,000-meter race with a score of 57, while the girls clinched first with a score of 33. 

Rainier Sophomore Selena Niemi (1st; 20:30.18) and senior Sophie Beadle (2nd; 20:38.58) led the pack by about 45 seconds during the varsity race on Tuesday, Sept. 10. 

Another tight pack of Rainier runners also stole the show, securing places 11th through 14th and contributing heavily to the team’s score, in addition to a few new personal records in the 5K. Those runners included sophomore Isabaella Holmes (11th; personal record of 24:47.61), senior Lorianne Price (12th; personal record of 25:00.05), senior Lauren Jones (13th; personal record of 25:07.66) and senior Clara Wagner (14th; 25:08.91). 

Other notable lady Rainier runners in the 5K included sophomore Anna Champlin (17th; 25:50.82), senior Erika DeMint (19th; 26:26.90) and freshman Hailey Tyrrell (27th; 27:13.06). 

On the boys side for the Mountaineers, sophomores Dylan Davis placed fifth with a time of 17:29.09 and Ryan Doidge placed eighth with a time of 18:12.92 in the 5K. 

Other notable Rainier runners included senior Tyler Barlass (20th; 19:57.15), junior Ben Johnson (23rd; 20:12.10), freshman Chase MacFarland (28th; 20:45.99), sophomore Thomas Ronne (29th; 20:51.72), freshman Zach Coleman (38th; 21:54.49) and sophomore David Cano (55th; 23:46.52). 

Times for Mountaineer sophomore Cade Jerke and junior Meric Jackson were not recorded. 

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