I’m mystified by some of the polarized venom directed at JZ Knight and RSE. Despite various spiritual and political differences, we all teach our children the same basic principles to live by: Don’t judge or you will be judged, love your enemies and be nice.

So why aren’t some adults — especially pastors — following the same rules? We don’t allow our kids to behave like some of these parents.

How many Yelm students are now college graduates because JZ paid for their entire four-year tuition? While some appear addicted to blame and emotional frenzy, JZ’s Humanities Foundation is contributing to many causes for a better future. What is the cumulative economic impact of RSE in this area?

Why not just find where we do agree, and start working together as a community? We can build a national model for cooperation among diverse ideologies — for the greater good. This newspaper can become a forum for new ideas and creating change.

Lucy Jeanne


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