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This November, we can choose a representative who is a champion for the people in Beth Doglio, or a champion for big corporations in Marilyn Strickland. 

Beth has pledged to take no money from corporate PACs and believes corporate influence on our political process must end. Marilyn has made no such pledge, and as the head of Seattle’s Chamber of Commerce flooded local races with big business money to influence the outcome. Beth Doglio will fight for a better country for all, while Marilyn Strickland will maintain the status quo. 

Join me in voting for Beth Doglio this November.

Beth is an advocate for tax fairness and will demand accountability for how COVID recovery funds have been spent. Too many dollars have gone to lobbyists and corporations instead of helping Main Street businesses and struggling families. Marilyn has shown she’ll do what’s best for big corporations. Beth has been endorsed by the Washington State Labor Council, representing more than half a million working people in our state, and all nine of the district’s firefighters’ unions. 

They know she’ll fight for us, not big business.


Florence Vincent 


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Doglio has worked for climate solutions for 13 years. Financed by billionaire hedge fund crooks. Google it. Bloomberg, Rockefeller’s, Hienz. Usual suspects. I’m writing in Marty McClendon. True grass roots campaign.

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