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County Commissioner Gary Edwards is the designated board representative on the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan, crucial to addressing the growing threat of climate change effects, but he never attends the meetings.

He stated the many supporters of preserving Rocky Prairie were “like a lynch mob” when all they did was write letters and attend the commission meetings. Edwards clearly has disdain for protecting our environment.  

Even though only 11 percent of the Thurston homeless are from outside Washington state, he repeatedly spreads the rumor that 90 percent of the homeless people come here from all over the country and uses that for the reason he will not support homeless programs.

The number one cause of homelessness in Thurston County is job loss or eviction, and yet Edwards repeatedly says they are all deviants, totally discounting the poor, our veterans and victims of domestic violence. 

Although Edwards runs as an Independent, he is quoted in the Oct. 20, 2019, edition of The Seattle Times as supporting Trump and saying “if we’re lucky, the president will get the courts stacked right.” Edwards added later, “if we’re not lucky, we might have a revolution.”

So Edwards lets us down on the environment, homelessness and an independent point of view. Let’s elect an advocate for the well-being of all who live in Thurston County who has an open mind and moderate views. 

I’m voting for Michael Steadman.

Madeline Bishop 


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