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I’m writing in Marty McClendon for Congress in our 10th Congressional District. 

Neither of the Democrat candidates support anything I believe in. Both want a carbon tax the only difference is one works for one cabal of billionaires and one works for another. 

Neither has disavowed the lawlessness and destruction of radical groups like antifa. Both support restrictive gun control laws that take away rights of honest citizens while doing nothing about criminals. 

The list goes on and on. 

Look at their “accomplishments“ raising taxes at every turn. Special interest pandering. More useless regulation. Google Climate Solutions, Doglio’s employer for 13 years, funding and see where their money comes from. Bloomberg, Heinz, Rockefellers. Strickland works for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce that would be Paul Allen Foundation, Hanauer and Gates a Little Steyer thrown in I assume. Endorsements from Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and for Doglio, Bernie, Warren and Pramilla Japapal. No thanks. 

Marty McClendon is a stand-up, God-fearing guy who supports the constitution including the Second Amendment. He won’t raise taxes and will make the government live within its means. Please join me in spreading the word to your friends and neighbors. He doesn’t have millions of dollars of PAC money like both of the other candidates who will appear on the ballot. 


Martin Miller


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