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Carolina Mejia is the best person for County Commissioner, District 1, and her opponents know it. 

They know that they have no chance of beating her in a fair campaign based on the issues — issues like sustainable development, respect for communities of color and support of indigenous peoples.

So, like many within their party, her opponents seek to win with lies, dirty tricks and attack ads. They know they can’t win based on the issues, so they have to win by some means other than the merits of their cause. 

Her direct opponent obscures his residence in the county to gain an unfair advantage, while at the same time a friend of a former opponent tries to insult her with non-citizenship claims. 

Her adversaries might possibly believe in government, but they sure don’t believe in democracy. Carolina Mejia believes in a government that delivers democracy and fair play to all, that’s why I’m voting for Carolina Mejia for County Commissioner.


Bill DePoto 


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