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I am a high school student at Yelm High School. I believe cellphones are taking over the everyday lives of students and people in general. 

If I had a quarter for every time someone got on their phone in class, I’d be rich. The most I have seen one student check their phone in class was 70 times that I could remember. As for why they checked their phone, the response was akin to “ I don’t care about the class, it’s a waste of time.” 

It’s a “waste of time” for a student who cares more about what their friend is doing after school or how many people liked their outfit they uploaded to Snapchat or Instagram. 

How are the cellphones taking over? With new designs, addons and updated software. A kid can link their headphones to their phone and when they lose their AirPods they are able to track them. 

These are headphones they wear in class, at home and even sometimes when their driving. Reluctant to help stop this uprising, phone companies such as Apple have a program in the phone that blocks the usage of your phone when you are driving. It worked for a little bit until it became an optional application. 

Back to square one again right? 

Even the laws in the state try to prevent people from using their phones while driving and or while in school, which in turn creates a problem of texting while driving or cheating on tests. Kids reluctant to hide their obsession with events other than the ones before them crash. They crash on the road or crash on the test.

So as one who has seen and faced problems similar to this, cellphones are taking over. Even though it’s not a hostile takeover, it sure feels like it is similar to one.

Jacob Griffin 


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