This year there will be an important city council election here in Rainier. It will determine the direction Rainier will take into our future.  

I am supporting Damion “Bud” Green as a write-in candidate for city council position No. 4. Bud is the person I feel will help set a positive course into Rainier’s future. That’s correct. Bud Green’s name will not be on the ballot. We will have to write his name for council seat No. 4 next to write-in candidate and check the box.

I have known Bud for at least the last 20 years. He is married and has three school age children. Over those years, I have watched his children grow with love and dedication, and anyone would be proud to call them their own. Bud purchased a home here in Rainier years ago because this is the community he wanted them to grow up in. He has worked to make Rainier a better place for children and adults alike.

Bud worked at Brogan Automotive in Rainier for many years. I often saw him walking his children to school before going to work. He helped not just start but also be leadership for Cub Scout Pack 307 in Rainier with the help of his wife Julia.  

“Bud”  has expressed his concerns for Rainier and the children of Rainier, wanting to help continue to make it the best place to raise children and have a home.

It was with great urging from me that Bud finally decided to run, but the filing deadline had passed. He has since filed the paperwork to be a write-in candidate for seat No. 4 on our council. 

This is a four-year term and we really can’t afford anyone but Bud to be elected to this seat if we want to keep our city heading in the direction that it has been going in.

I urge everyone that knows me to proudly write in the name Damion Bud Green for Rainier City Council seat No. 4 in this very important election. I feel that Bud is the type of person we want and need on our city council

Thank you all for what you do for our great city helping to keep it great, and please tell your friends that live in Rainier about Bud Green and this election.

George Johnson 


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