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This is in response to “Our Views: Community Should Provide Best Schools it Possibly Can,” an editorial posted among the Nisqually Valley News archives at yelmonline.com.

I believe that the community should offer the best for our schools. I go to Yelm High School and it’s that time of year where the weather is something everyone needs to prepare for. 

There are limited bathrooms, which can cause problems because sometimes you have to walk outside in the cold rain. 

I like the sentence, “Without approval of this bond, students will continue to sit in classrooms that slowly crumble around them.” 

It’s also true, no one can really do their work if everything is falling apart. 

This editorial really inspires me to speak up in my school and community. It made me wonder how the next generation is supposed to do their best if the other generations are destroying everything?

Tristan Hunter


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