Sixty-two inmates, citizens of Washington state, are behind bars for life due to a now defunct “Three Strikes You’re Out” law.

From The Washington Post, May 21, “Russell Brown of the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, a group that represents prosecutors, said he reviewed most of the cases listing second-degree robbery as the third strike, and believed that prosecutors in many probably refrained from seeking more serious charges because of the guarantee the charge — known in legal circles as ‘Rob 2’ — would count as a third strike.”

Tuesday, May 21, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington signed a Sanctuary State Law. The bill is sponsored by Democratic Sen. Lisa Wellman, who pointed to our state relying on illegal immigrants who work in agriculture, hospitality and high-tech. “You can’t open a hotel if you don’t have immigrants in back-of-house,” she said. 

So, an illegal immigrant who has already broken our laws by crossing our border, commits a crime and pays the time, upon release goes back into society because Washington authorities are forbidden from notifying federal authorities.

Gov. Inslee is not looking to review the cases of 62 Washington state citizens who deserve the attention revised law brings, but is willing to look the other way when crime involves illegal immigrants.

Citizen and Illegal Immigrant — unequal treatment.


Jean Handley 


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