Elaine Ann McCandlis: 1947-2020

Elaine Ann McCandlis: 1947-2020

Elaine Ann McCandlis, (nee Nelson), 74, ended her physical journey Mother’s Day. She would tell you that she had graduated to the spiritual level. She was born Feb. 27, 1947, to Doris and Jim, a strong-willed child she insisted everyone refer to her as Annie and refused to respond to Elaine.

Bright, athletic and larger than life, Annie sat as a princess in a parade, a cheerleader and Homecoming Spirit Queen in high school, a life guard and a gymnast at Eastern Washington University. Annie earned Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

She met and married Owen T. McCandlis. Owen died in Vietnam leaving Annie a widow with two small children. She continued in her education earning a Masters degree. Annie worked as an educator and in real estate. She fell in love with sailing and traveling. Annie sailed in Australia, the Caribbean, the Pacific Northwest and crossed to Hawaii. Living in Mexico with her children, she explored and drove to the Yucatan. She backpacked with her children around the world. They traveled through Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, India, Nepal, Western Europe and East Berlin, before the fall of the wall.

Upon arrival in New York they purchased a vehicle and visited relatives in Canada and across the United States. She felt that her children needed a world education and they needed to know that people everywhere are the same. Annie encouraged her children to go into the world and be independent. Alone, she traveled through Africa and then back around the world from New York to England, Europe, Russia and Asia.

She flew on the concord, rode the trans-Siberian railway and fell in love with an Australian man, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Tomney, who would change her life forever. Annie moved to Perth, Australia and gave birth to her third child. She was a voracious reader, her wanderlust and desire to explore led her to take an inward journey. Annie spent decades pondering questions of time, space, physics and reality. She became a mystic scientist that believed we each choose our own reality.

Annie is survived by her children, Mathew, Paula (Joe) and Alex (Sarah), who always lovingly called her ‘The Mother.’ She had one grandson, Logan, who alone loved her cooking. Annie’s mom, Doris; her brothers, Jim ‘Avalon’, Jerry and Greg; sister, Roberta ‘Robbie’, and their families survive her and will learn to miss her opinions and bossiness.

Her spirit continues on as she explores the cosmos and learns the secrets of the Universe. She predicted and prepared for the pandemic gripping the world and we feel she is missing out on another “I told you so” moment. She gave out business cards that described herself as a Social Architect Futurist with the motto, “AN OPEN MIND HOLDS ALL POTENTIALS.” She connected with people fearlessly throughout the world and made lifelong friends wherever she went. Her sparkling blue eyes and unparalleled sense of humor will be sorely missed.